Chilli69Palmer takes over Facebook one reaction at a time


Facebook is a powerful engine whose super powers never seem to stop growing. From funny memes about potential future presidential candidates and public figures Facebook fan pages are responsible for a huge percent of the viral videos we have all come to love. It’s like a whole new revitalization of YouTube except they don’t get paid for views.

None the less one of the top pages is owned by a man who calls himself Chilli Palmer “ChilliPalmer69” his videos are unique from other pages because he is not just uploading the latest video that everyone in the break room is talking about. He actually does a review of said videos but there is a fantastic twist because ChilliPalmer’s reviews feature him silently eating a very large bowl of fruit loops and sometimes cheerios as he literally side eyes the video to the left of him. It’s very funny to watch. His aura is also very welcoming like a big teddy bear that you just want to take with you everywhere. Those combinations make ChilliPalmer69 in the lead of new wave internet celebs. It’s not just the video it’s the vibe!

I caught up with ChilliPalmer because honestly viral videos give me life and I have been obsessed with his reaction videos since first seeing one on my timeline. I asked Chilli some questions and here is how that all went down.

Your page is quite popular on Facebook making you one of leading new wave of Facebook famous pages what inspired you to create the page ?

It all started honestly by accident. At the time I didn’t have a fan page I have my personal Facebook page. There were about 800 people on my friend list and I’ve always been the fun type and I love to entertain. Someone inbox me a video and while I was looking at the video I was so shocked at what I was looking at and just a quick thought came to mind I want to do a split screen so I can show people what I look like looking at somebody make a fool of themselves. So I found this app I recorded the video that was December 2014 and the rest is history.

Your views are out of this world what was your biggest video ?

The video with the most views so far has to be the video that I did with this young lady who went on a rant about the American language. I posted that video and currently it has 15 million views so in a span of two months it’s gotten 15 min views. Another entertainment website got hold of my video posted it to their fan page and that same video. 30 million views and climbing. The reason why I’m so popular with my fans it’s because they can relate to my expressions I think that’s where the magic comes in find an outrageous video and record my reactions.

When did you realize that you were on to something major with your videos?

When I started getting messages from cancer patients, people on dialysis, people with post traumatic stress disorder I knew I was on to something. Laughter is the best medicine and I get things daily from people all over the world it’s my motivation to continue to do what I’m doing. I’m the world’s therapist lol in a way.

Do you ever get overwhelmed from the success?

There comes times when I do need to get away for an hour to I get overwhelmed when I go to my messages and I feel like I have to answer each and every one because I get so many messages from people thanking me for making that day that’s when I get overwhelmed. But I think I’m at the point now people understand that I cannot answer every inbox every message every comment

Your props are hilarious do you ever run out of ideas? what keeps the creative juices flowing ?

What I do will never get old because each video that I’m critiquing or reacting to is unique in its own and I tried to tell him I craft on the things that’s going around in that video anyway my ideas come from my general overall impression of the video that I’m about to watch.

What advice can you give to other people who may want to create a page ?

Be yourself do what you love try not to imitate others your uniqueness will stand out from the crowd

Where can people keep up with you on social media ?

Facebook: Chilli69Palmer

SnapChat: Chilli69Palmer

Twitter: Chilli69Palmer

Instagram: Chilli69Palmer
Check out ChilliPalmer on social media. I promise you guys will be glad you did!

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