Mixtapes: The Diplomats (Cam’ron x Juelz Santana x Jim Jones x More)

OH MY GOD IS THAT DOC HOLLIDAY’S MUSIC!!! *J.R. voice* You damn right it is muthafucka.  *Harlem shakes into the post* As you may or may not know once upon a time the wonderful folks at Offical Street Radio/Exponent Entertainment took a chance on a funny looking nigga from South Jersey…needless, to say they got far more than they bargained and so he did and all types of wonderful fuckery and shenanigans ensued.  For the love of god I can’t spell shenanigans to save my life.  FUCK.  Sound it out, Doc, use your vowels…she·nan·i·gans…there you go.  That funny looking nigga from South Jersey is I and I am him and his name is Doc Holliday.  I was never really much of a blogger, but I soon discovered I could make sweet love to the English language…in fact, from blogging I re-discovered my love of writing and various others ability.  In fact, I even decided to starting writing a book that will probably never come out…no, seriously that muthafucka is never coming out…sorry.  I eventually went on to do some other things and kind of got away from what I really fell in love with like going to shows and writing.  So I figured with the upcoming Cam’ron show at The Blockley tomorrow, January, 12th, why not write something for a change and shit since my website is a fucking wasteland why not visit my old website where it all started.  So below you’ll find some of my favorite mixtapes from one of my favorite artist and one of my favorite groups.  I’m really looking forward to the show tomorrow too.  I’ll be the guy the funny looking guy drunk ass fuck wearing a Diplomats shirt.  So if you’re in the building come say hi, buy me a drink, and maybe if you’re pretty and you pull your titties out i’ll be you a drink.  Maybe, i’ll write something from time to time this year too and also try to work on finishing this book before I die.  Ok, that’s enough for today…don’t want to go over doing it.  Oh yeah, that fucking Juelz mixtape dropping in a couple of days better be fire too.  Nigga, ain’t dropped the fucking project in like a decade and he wanna drop fucking singles and video blogs.  Bitchass, nigga just put out the fucking project already.  Shit.

All My Love,


Mixtape: The Diplomats – Diplomats Vol. 1

Mixtape: The Diplomats – Diplomats Vol. 2

Mixtape: The Diplomats – Diplomats Vol. 3

Mixtape: The Diplomats – Diplomats Vol. 4

Mixtape: The Diplomats – Diplomats Vol. 5

Mixtape: The Diplomats – Dipset/Byrd Gang Volume 1

Mixtape: The Diplomats – Dipset/Byrd Gang Volume 2

Mixtape: The Diplomats – Sippin’ On Sizzurp

Mixtape: The Diplomats – Diplomats Throwback & Unreleased Exclusives

Mixtape: Cam’ron – Public Enemy #1

Mixtape: Cam’ron – Nothing But The Freestyles

Mixtape: Cam’ron – The Purple Mixtape

Mixtape: Cam’ron x Vado – Boss Of All Bosses 2.8

Mixtape: Cam’ron x Vado – Boss Of All Bosses 2.5

Mixtape: Cam’ron – Boss Of All Bosses 2

Mixtape: Cam’ron – Boss Of All Bosses Gangsta Grillz

Mixtape: Cam’ron x Vado – Stop It 5

Mixtape: Vado – Slime Time

Mixtape: Vado – Large On The Streets

Mixtape: Juelz Santana – Back Like Cooked Crack

Mixtape: Juelz Santana – Back Like Cooked Crack 2

Mixtape: Juelz Santana – Back Like Cooked Crack 3

Mixtape: M.O.B. – Members of Byrdgang

Mixtape: Jim Jones – The Seven Day Theory

Mixtape: Jim Jones – The Capo Life

Mixtape: Jim Jones – The Ghost of Rich Porter

Mixtape: Jim Jones – City of God

Mixtape: Jim Jones – Ambitionz of a Gangsta


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