Marsha Ambrosius – Sextape (Mixtape)

With the release of Part 4 and Valentine’s Day Later Nights & Earlier Mornings along with the release party at G Lounge Sunday and Marsha’s live performance tomorrow night at Whisper I figured I would bring this back.  I’m not sure if I want to @ Marsha about it on twitter as i’m posting the aforementioned stuff about her along with her older mixtpes and I don’t want to be excessive.  However, this NEEDS to be re-posted.  It’s my music of choice when i’m slowing things down with a chick and hitting her with the slow stroke.  I joked on twitter that i’ve easily compiled upwards of 100+ combined orgasms on twitter and Marsha even got a kick out of that.  Which, obviously, is a bit of an exaggeration as the number is probably closer to 50, but the fact remains it’s good nailing music.  However, for whatever reason women are always a bit apprehensive about the mixtape until the slow songs mixed with Marsha’s wonderful voice and the deep dicking begins.  Shit, I even recently I brought this nice little snow bunny over and I was like let me switch things up and slow it down and throw on the Marsha tape.  She gives me this look like “do I look like the type of person that listens to slow music during sex.”  Of course, before she even knew what was going on the soothing sounds of Marsha’s sextape and the dickem that she was now catching had overwhelmed her and she was chewing on my face like a chew toy.  For the record, i’m not of fan of chicks excessively biting as I bruise easy.  At least, my sheets weren’t ripped this time.  As the weather gets colder and cuffing season is upon I invite you to listen this and also some of Marsha’s other music including her album Late Nights & Early Mornings if you haven’t done so already.  I wasn’t always a big fan of Marsha just as many of the apprehensive ladies aren’t really a fan of this mixtape at first, but with life, music, and sex i’m a quick learner.  So in closing, thank you Marsha and niggas please wear hats.  No tracklisting so you’re just going to have to trust me.  Link below to the mixtape I put together of the 4 parts and then seperate links for each of them individually.

Download: Sextape (Mixtape)

SextapePt1 by MsAmbrosius

Download: Sextape Part 1

SexTape Pt2 by MsAmbrosius

Download: Sextape Part 2

SexTape Pt. 3 by MsAmbrosius

Download: Sextape Part 3

Sextape 4 mix 1 by MsAmbrosius

Download: Sextape Part 4


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