Official Street Radio Spotlight: Marsha Ambrosius Mixtapes

It’s always nice to go back and look over old things I’ve written to see how much i’ve grown as an writer and also how truly fucking lazy I am.  This was actually an old post that I made in preparation for Marsha Ambrosius’ great show at SOB’s early this year, but it got transformed…and then transformed again into this latest incarnation.  I thought I should bring it back with the release of Later Nights & Earlier Mornings along with the release party at G Lounge Sunday and Marsha’s live performance tomorrow night at Whisper.  I saw Marsha perform twice last year with the SOB’s show being slightly better than the Heineken Inspire Show at TLA and the SOB’s show is probably one of the best I saw last year.  Hopefully, i’ll finish up that long overdue post soon…maybe after the show tomorrow if I go.  For now I figured I would bring back these great mixtapes especially Yours Sincerely which was one of my favorite mixtapes of 2010 and really one of my of favorite mixtapes in general.  Of course, along with The Sextape mixtape…i’ve done a lot of nailing to that.  I didn’t even know that Marsha made mixtapes as very few R&B singers until recently actually did.  Late Nights & Early Mornings is out now!!!  Tracklisting and link below to Your Sincerely and links to the others.

1. Intro
2. Let Me Go
3. Put It On f. Angelique
4. She Don’t Matter
5. This Love f. Glenn Lewis
6. Storm
7. Glass
8. Take Care

Download: Yours Sincerely (FreEP)

Download: Later Nights & Earlier Mornings (Mixtape)

Download: Yours Truly (Mixtape)

Download: Sextape (Mixtape)

SextapePt1 by MsAmbrosius

Download: Sextape Part 1

SexTape Pt2 by MsAmbrosius

Download: Sextape Part 2

SexTape Pt. 3 by MsAmbrosius

Download: Sextape Part 3

Sextape 4 mix 1 by MsAmbrosius

Download: Sextape Part 4


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