Skeme – The Statement (Mixtape)

Even though I never posted this mixtape when it initially came out I still liked it a lot.  I keep meaning to go back and listen to it, but I always just end up listening to Father Forgive Me (Prod. By Bink) over and over again.  That would definitely be my shit.  I’m going to go ahead and request a video be made for that post haste.   I saw Skeme earlier this year…I believe in January when a couple up and coming West Coast artist invaded SOB’s.  I’m not saying The West Coast has the best rappers, but they definitely got a bunch of talented ones and some up and coming ones to look out for.  While I had heard music from of many of the artist that performed before that night it was my first in introduction to Skeme and a couple others.  However, I had heard many great things about his Pistols and Palm Trees mixtape prior to the show though.  I had hoped he would kind of be the type of hard, throwback West Coast artist that I grew up loving even though I was from The East Coast #pauseholliday.  He was of sorts, but a little more commercial than I expected at times and when I went back and listening to the tape after the show I felt the same.  Whose to say how I would feel now, but as always it’s never a good idea to make assumptions about any artist and their music.  Nonetheless, I liked The Statement much more off first listen and as I previously stated I love Father Forgive Me.  I’m going to go ahead and make a second request that a video be made for that.  I’m not sure if The Statement is better than Pistols and Palm Trees or if it’s just more of the type of music I like, but whatever may be the case I like it a lot.  Maybe I’ll revisit Pistols and Palm Trees one of these days and listen to more than one song on The Statement.  Anyway, tracklisting and link below for the tape.  Also, be sure to check out Skeme opening up for Strong Arm Steady along with Self Scientific at The Roxy tonight and hopefully some of the tour stops…hopefully they all will make it back out to The East Coast again too.

Download: The Statement (Mixtape)

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