Mic Stewart – Time 2 Rhyme (Mixtape) x Veteran Freshman 2 (Pictures)

I still haven’t gotten around to listening to this yet, but I think i’m getting much closer lol.  I really have way too much music.  Anyway, I ran into the very talented rapper that was Mic Stewart with the shaggy hairdo at Yusef’s first Veteran Freshman show and I was thoroughly impressed with not just him, but several young artist I had never heard of before, but Mic Stew definitely stood out.  Then, when I was looking for the flyer for ?uestlove show a couple months back I ran across his website and this mixtape.  He had one of those annoying ass websites where the music starts playing immediately…I really hate that shit.  I had hoped to go back and finally listening to the tape shortly after I posted it, but life got in the way as it seems to do sometimes.  Perhaps, the annoying streaming music I heard on his website that didn’t sound nearly as impressive as seeing him live may have helped play a role as well.  Whatever may have been the case, during Yusef’s second Veteran Freshman show I was able to see Mic Stew perform again and he was once again impressed.  In the case of some artist you don’t need to see them perform more than once if at all.  Mic Stew is NOT one of the artist.  So even though I still haven’t listened to the tape, i’m almost sure there is no way such a great a performer like Mic can make a truly terrible project even though it has happened in the past.  I just have a good feeling about the shaggy haired artist and I tend to go with those feelings these days.  So i’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing him perform again at Yusef’s Swag Me Out! tomorrow night along with ASAP Rocky, Stalley, Chill Mood, Peedi Crakk, and many others.  Hopefully, one of these I’ll find out if this tape is as good as I think it should be or whether I need to fuck someone up.  With that said, tracklisting and link below for Mic Stewart’s Time 2 Rhyme tape.

1. Time 2 Rhyme
2. Brotherly Love
3. Earliest Remains (Teaser)
4. Cost of Living feat. Obvious Bane
5. Simon Says
6. The Old Ones (Prod. by Obvious Bane)
7. All Whack Everything feat. Too Much Raw
8. Valley of The Gods feat. Manchilde and Unique (Prod. by Think Twice)
9. DaCypher feat. Marvelous, The Alien Architect, Faze 2, EMC Karma, Verbatum Jones, and Lee G and Delon (Prod. by Delon)
10. Throw Your Hands feat. Raquel (Prod. by Blade)
11. The Breakdown (Prod. by Pace-O)
12. My Name Is
13. Oooh
14. Aquatic Cemetary feat. Adam Moleta
15. The Predicament
16. Matter feat. Faze 2
17. Dead Presidentz
18. Take Me Away feat. Faze 2
19. Killin Em With The Funk feat. Guerillafunk & The Alien Architect
20. For The Day
21. Oasis
22. What Is Real feat. FESE
23. Unlit feat. Max Prime (Prod. by Max Prime)
24. Lord of the Flies
25. Carpe Diem
26. Infinite
27. Too Much
28. Closure (Eyes)

Download: Time 2 Rhyme (Mixtape) [Soundcloud] | Doc Link

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