Official Street Radio Spotlight: Peedi Crakk Mixtapes

I still haven’t had the time to go back and write about meeting Peedi Crakk or seeing him perform at the Bes Kept show, but I figure since I wasn’t going to the show tomorrow Philly Meets Jersey 3 a couple months back I would at least post some of the Peedi Crakk mixtapes that I have.  Since, Peedi is working on a long overdue new project and i’ll be seeing him tomorrow at Yusef’s Swag Me Out! show tomorrow night in Philly with Stalley, Chill Moody, Mic Stew, Ground Up, ASAP Rocky, and a couple others I figured I would revisit some of his great music.  Tracklisting and link below for P. Crakk 4 Prez and links to others.

1. Intro
2. Come On Down
3. Old School/New School feat. Brucie B
4. Papito Killed Junito
5. Suck My Dick
6. Between Ya Thighz
7. Still At It feat. Indy 500
8. Celebrity Shout Outs feat. 8-Dot Francis
9. Wait Freestyle
10. Boo 2 Much
11. 88 Brake
12. Dope Man feat. M.O.R.
13. Hell No
14. ****ed Up
15. Is It Good
16. Danger feat. Sparks
17. Go Go feat. Bezel
18. Long Lost Love
19. Lock Like A Pit feat. Bun-B
20. Mona Lisa feat. Yoma
21. Can’t Hold Me Back
22. Lame Ass
23. Country Hood Song feat. 8-Dot Francis
24. Son Of Joe Butcher feat. Cardan
25. Rum-Pum
26. Pots
27. Freestyle feat. Gotti
28. Archie & Edith Skit
29. Is This The End?

Download: P. Crakk 4 Prez

Download: The Crakk Files Vol. 1

Download: Prince of Roc

Download: Artist Spotlight Series Vol. 1

Download: Torture (Crack Is Back)

Download: Crime Partners

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