Official Street Radio Spotlight: eLZhi Mixtapes

As I revisit this I probably should come up with a fancy title, but I don’t feel like it.  So I’ll just leave as I still feel like this should be longer.  Maybe i’m just STILL being lazy or maybe Elzhi’s story, at least to me, is very simple.  He’s someone who is notoriously underrated that easily should be mentioned among many of the best rappers, artist, lyricist, or whatever you choose to call niggas that make music these days.  Maybe it’s just that simple.  Maybe he’s overlooked because he’s just too talented for some and removes himself from much of the fuckery found in music these days.  Technically, he is easily one of the best and in some cases that doesn’t always translate to the best music.  However, in the case of Elzhi it definitely does.  In fact, my stubborn ass had to find out the hard way as I had turned a blind eye to much of the great music from Elzhi and Slum Village for many of my younger years.  Until, I finally stumbled on to his The Leftovers Unmixedtape, which ironically was released on my birthday that year.  For years I had ignorantly ignored much of the music from the D, even though I always heard great things about the likes of Royce, Elzhi, and many others.  Even when I first saw that project, which I didn’t even download at first, I didn’t even realize Elzhi was a part of Slum Village.  Which is funny because that tape and Elzhi would instantly turn me into a Slum Village fan.  Leave it to my ole Johnny Come Lately ass to finally become a fan of Slum Village right before they break up though.  All fuckery aside I still enjoyed The Villa Manifesto and the EP very much…I would have loved to hear what it was supposed to sound like though…especially since I PAID 17.99 FOR THE CD!!!  So, I don’t know maybe there are just a bunch more people that are still ignorantly ignoring Elzhi’s music like I once didn’t.

Whatever may be the case, part of me still feels like many of them probably wouldn’t appreciate it anyway.  How you can’t appreciate someone as talented as Elzhi I don’t know.  Someone with a downright perfect voice that could make a wolverine purr.  Someone with an effortless flow and delivery.  Someone would just happens to be one of the most technically, gifted rappers that still happens to make great music.  See Europass and Prefaceok I know for a fact Preface is an official album…Europass and Witness My Growth i’m not exactly sure.  So since Europass can’t be found anywhere except for free download i’ll go with that and i’ll include an iTunes link for Witness My Growth. Hopefully, I don’t get pinched.  Europass just so happens to be one of my favorite alb…err mixtapes too lol.  I even hit up DJ Delz on twitter to tell him his beats and cuts on that project are amazing.  I never got to tell Elzhi the same, but I did have the great pleasure of seeing him perform.  Getting back on topic: I can only the long awaited ELmatic project and maybe some of this shit here goes a long towards helping Elzhi get some more well deserved recognition.  If not…well fuck those people.  Tracklisting and links below for some of Elzhi’s great music.

Download: The Leftovers Unmixedtape (Mixtape) [Datpiff] | Doc Link

1. Intro [produced by DJ Dez]
2. That’s That One [produced by Black Milk]
3. Fire (Feat. Black Milk) [produced by Black Milk]
4. The Reason (Feat. Phat Kat) [cuts by DJ Dez, produced by Black Milk]
5. Talkin In My Sleep [produced by Black Milk]
6. Save Ya (Feat. T3) [produced by T3]
7. The Know [produced by Leef Mayfield]
8. High Off Life [produced by Denmark Vessey]
9. Heart Of The City [cuts by DJ Dez, produced by Black Milk]
10. The Transitional Joint (Baby Girl Glow) [produced by Black Milk]
11. Dedicated (Feat. Trip) [produced by DJ Dez]
12. Motown (Feat. Royce Da 5’9) [produced by Black Milk]
13. Audio Cinematic [produced by DJ Dez]

Download: Europass (Mixtape)

1. Genesis (Prod Will Sessions)
2. Detroit State Of Mind Houseshoes Shout (Prod Will Sessions)
3. Halftime (Prod Will Sessions)
4. Memory Lane (Prod Will Sessions)
5. The World Is Yours Represent Intro (Prod Will Sessions)
6. Represent (Prod Will Sessions)
7. Lifes A Bitch Feat. Royce Da 5’9 and Stokley Williams of Mint Condition (Prod Will Sessions)
8. One Love (Prod Will Sessions)
9. It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Prod Will Sessions)
10. Pete Rock Shout

Download: ELmatic (Mixtape) [Datpiff] | Doc Link

1. Intro
2. 2000
3. Over Wit
4. Hands High
5. Days And Nights
6. Haters feat. T3, Nick Speed
7. The Alchemist
8. Goin Out
9. Get It Up
10. Boomerang Slang
11. Stroll
12. Let’s Talk
13. All I Want feat. Dwele
14. Where It All Begins feat. Big Tone
15. Bugz Joint
16. Nix Productions
17. Are U Ready
18. Kiddo
19. No Need FOr Alarm feat. Yakknus
20. Concrete Eyes
21. Love It Here
22. How It Feel feat. T3, Rhian Benson
23. It’s Your World
24. Stunted Growth
25. Writers Block
26. Look At My Friends
27. Letter

Download: Witness My Growth | iTunes


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