DJ Enuff x Angie Martinez x Jay-Z x Roc-a-fella – Hovie’s Home (Mixtape)

I finally liberated this hard to find mixtape from the Young Chris post god knows when.  I actually had this mixtape back in the day…actually my man had it, I stole it from him and he stole back from me.  It dropped shortly after the Nas/Jay-Z beef and it has a couple interviews and freestyles from Jay-Z.  However, to me I always loved it because Young Chris and Freeway killed the tape…along with a little help from Bleek, I can’t even lie.  Of course, I didn’t hear this until after the fact because Hip Hop hates South Jersey though.  Being that this is the holy day known as the day after Watch The Throne I thought I should bring it back along with some other mixtapes.  I would have put it in the other post with the other Jay-Z mixtapes, but all I got is that little ass jpeg.  What the hell is he doing, printing that from a JPG? Muthafucka needs to be using TIFF files, dude.  Anyway, tracklisting and link below.  DJ Enuff is hosting the Royce show tonight at SOB’s too…maybe I’ll say hi.

1. Jay Z Intro
2. Angie Martinez Intro (Nas Diss)
3. Jay Z Watcher Verse (Accapella Freestyle)
4. Hardcore Freestyle
5. Stylin Freestyle
6. Jay Z Interview (Nas Diss)
7. Grindin Freestyle
8. Nas Diss (Freestyle)
9. Luv U Better Freestyle
10. Who Shot Ya Freestyle
11. Banned From TV Freestyle
12. Jay Z Interview 2 (Nas Diss)
13. Roc The Mic Freestyle
14. Jay Z Interview 3

Download: Hovie’s Home


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