Official Street Radio Spotlight: Balboa Mixtapes

One of the first artists I wrote about back when I attended The Philly Home Jamz was none other than Mr. Balboa.  Here’s the excerpt about Balboa below.  I definitely didn’t know his name was Balboa at the time because my hearing sucks from too many years of loud music, but narrow-minded assumptions aside he was a lot better than I expected…and he ended up being from Jersey too…score.

Next up was some dude I think his name was Bob Bollow, lol I’m 100% sure that wasn’t his name but fuck it.  I remember as soon as he came on stage thinking oh god this guy is going to be everything I hate about rappers, a rapper on stage with way many too many dudes and by too many dudes I mean more than 2.  He was actually pretty good though, I mean like I said all of the acts were really good and diverse.

I ran into him a couple months later at The Arena and I was excited to see him perform again and talk to him after the show.  Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties and shenanigans his performance was cut short.  However, despite his frustration we were able to talk for a second after the show.  Even though I still haven’t got around to listening to his music Balboa is from Jersey and due to the fact I like what i’ve heard i’m going to assume it’s good.  Please he’s from Jersey so fuck off.  I also definitely want to get my own cardboard cutoff of my own likeness similar to the one Balboa performed with at The Arena.  Anyway, tracklisting and link below for the new tape and some links to the old ones.  Also, here’s the Cypher from last night featuring Balboa and a bunch of the other talented artist from Jersey.

1. Say Bye Bye Feat. Critacal
2. Indian Freestyle
3. Hater Get Mad
4. Money Up Feat. T-Dot & Rich Graham
5. Sick Flow
6. Can’t Be Friends
7. Don’t Eva Comeback
8. Miss Number One Feat. Konrad
9. Welcome to my World
10. Rider
11. Shine Down
12. Whatchu Hatin For – Deap Feat. Balboa
13. Regular Guys Feat. Big Rod & Big Ooh
14. Aint No Love Feat. Tiki
15. Always
16. Nothing Gone Change Feat. B. Smith
17. BONUS TRACK- Does My Thing

Download: No More Mr. Nice Guy (Mixtape) [Datpiff] | Doc Link

Download: Feed Off Drama (Mixtape) [Datpiff]

Download: Anotha Day Anotha Dolla (Mixtape) [Datpiff]


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