Official Street Radio Spotlight: A-Team (Hitchcock x Ransom) Hardhood Mixtapes

One of my favorite groups, that just so happened to be from Jersey.  I was first a fan of them individually when I heard them on some Kool Kid mixtapes back in the day and when I found out they had started a group…which Joe Budden helped formed actually I couldn’t have been happier.  However, after 3 classic mixtapes they went there separate ways, and I don’t even think Hitchcock raps anymore…which sucks because I always like him the most ***shrugs***.  Ransom, went solo and is in and out of jail…but to me they were always better as a group…they complimented each other perfectly.  Then, to make matters worse, The Family Reunion, track off Mood Muzik 3 that was supposed to unite all of the Desert Storm crew led to the Ransom vs Joe Budden beef.  Which really sucked because I thought like many others that might lead to some type of A-Team reunion…maybe one day…or probably not…Hip Hop does hate Jersey.  With that said, these remain three of my favorite mixtapes.  Tracklisting below for the first one and links to the others.

1. Big Mike (Intro)
2. Gunz N Butta (Interlude)
3. Gunz N Butta Feat. Joe Budden
4. Dats My Dude
5. Candy (Interlude)
6. Candy
7. Homacide
8. Homacide (Pop Da Nigga Skit)
9. Rydaz
10. Fired Up Remix (Feat. Stack Bundles And Joe Budden)
11. This Year
12. Wata Boy
13. Fix Ya Face
14. Heist
15. A-Dub Flow
16. Gunz For Sale (Feat. 50 Cent)
17. Gunz For Sale (Skit)
18. War (Feat. Stack Bundles)
19. Fly Wit Me
20. Build Me A Ryda
21. What’s Really Hood
22. Salute
23. Two Minute Warning
24. Red Zone
25. 4th Quata (Feat. Stack Bundles)
26. Come Do It
27. Where I’m From (Feat. Major Damage)
28. Jersey (Feat. Medi)

Download Mixtape: Hardhood Classics (Co-Signed by DJ Big Mike)

Download Mixtape: Hardhood Classics Volume 2

Download Mixtape: Hard Hood 3 (Hosted By DJ Clue)

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