Nikki Jean – Million Star Hotel f. Lupe & Black Thought x How To Unring A Bell Live On Letterman (Video)

I’m not even going to sit here and lie to you like I didn’t listen to Nikki Jean’s album strictly because I immediately entered puberty after seeing the cover….nah…i’m not doing that.  God don’t like liars.  However, during the course of listening to her music and trying to find more about her…umm yeah let’s not even go with that joke.  I did discover that she was actually the chick on Lupe’s Hip-Hop Saved My Life. My ex used to always try to make fun of Nikki Jean, but then again she is a bitch who I kicked out of my house.  On the other hand, I like her on that song very much.  It end up becoming one of my favorite song on the album along with some of the Matthew Santos cuts.  I also found it very interesting, especially in this day and age that Nikki didn’t have a mixtape or anything prior to Pennies In A Jar just a bunch of features.  Which is pretty fucking amazing these days.  After listening to the album this morning I can understand why.  I wouldn’t say I loved every song, but I did like a bunch of them quite a bit.  Her voice on every song was amazing.  So i’m very much looking forward to seeing her and her amazing voice tonight at The Jam House.  Real rap…can a nigga get on Letterman though?

Download: Million Star Hotel f. Lupe Fiasco & Black Thought

Props: 2dopeboyz

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