Mike Taylor – From The Stars (Mixtape) x Perfect (Video) x Pictures

Until, recently I have never heard of the Philadelphia native Mike Taylor.  I believe he’s actually from West Philly, in fact.  He ended up being one of the opening acts for the J*Davey New Designer Drug Tour show in Philly.  I didn’t even realize that he was on the flyer even though it clearly says his name on his flyer.  The lesson as always i’m a dumbass.  Being that he’s a bit different, which isn’t a bad that act all because i’m a bit different, he fit right in with the tour and many of the different people you sometimes find at J*Davey show.  You will find some really “different” people at a J*Davey show though.  However, as different as Mike may have been the talent was definitely undeniable.  Of course, that still didn’t stop me from cracking a Goldust jokes and talking about giving people shattered dreams.  Which was WWF wrestler Goldust’s finishing move when he kicked his opponent in the nuts…always one of my favorite finishing moves.  In addition to be a dumbass, i’m also an asshole.  All jokes aside it’s always refreshing to see talented, unqiue artist that aren’t just being unique for the sake of being unique.  Mike seemed genuine and had the talent to go along with it, drawing comparisons to young Prince from my old roommate and I.  Obviously, no one will ever be the Purple One…and yes, I capitalized Purple One.  Nonetheless, I haven’t seen the type of energy and unique talent from a young artist like Mike in a long time, especially not from most rappers…fuck no!!!  I really need to go to more non-rap shows as I fucking hate rappers.  So I guess it’s no surprise and well deserved that others like Sony and MTV have taken notice.  I really like the video for Perfect that has landed on MTV it seems.  So i’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing Mike perform again tonight as part of weekly show at Dobbs presented by Dice Raw and Raw Life and listen to his mixtape.  Maybe i’ll even get to take a picture with the lego radio this time…I guy can only hope.  Shit I might even wear face paint tonight…maybe I’ll go as a cat.  Don’t call me Doc…call me kitty cat.  Tracklisting and link below for From The Stars along with the video for Perfect.  Last, but not least there’s some pictures I took from one of the very first events I started taking pictures at.  Oh it shows…go fuck yourself.

1. Hello World (Prod by Ritz Reynolds)
2. Climbin Up (Prod by Ritz Reynolds)
3. Searchin for Summer (Prod by Ritz Reynolds & Rick Friedrich)
4. From The Stars (Produced by Ritz Reynolds)
5. Wherever You Are (Prod by Ritz Reynolds)
6. Sha Bang Bang (Prod by Klassick)
7. Perfect (Prod by Tim Anderson)
8. Flash (Tigersapien.Kolt13.Ritz Reynolds Remix)
9. Glitter & Gold (Prod by Ritz Reynolds)
10. Warrior (LA Riots Remix)
11. Party (Prod by Ritz Reynolds)
12. Comin’ Home (Prod by Ritz Reynolds)
13. Interlude of a Dream (Prod by Ritz Reynolds)
14. Dreamin’ (Prod by Ritz Reynolds)

Download: From The Stars (Mixtape) [ | Doc Link

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