Official Street Radio Spotlight: Dice Raw Mixtapes

Update: I figured I should just leave this original piece in tact for now as I liked it before I add a fancy new title, pictures from The Jam House show tonight, and change a couple things here and there.  One slight change for now is the addition of Dice Raw’s recent The Greatest Rapper Never: Preservation EP. With his blessing, of course.

I swear the hardest thing for me with writing sometimes is the first couple of sentences…I always want them to sound cool or something.  I wonder if writing the first couple of bars is equally as hard for rappers…the ones that still write.  How is anything relevant to anything i’m about to write about Dice?  It’s not, but I don’t really write any outlines or summaries I just sit down and try to make sweet love to the blank page.  During that process I just hope somewhere along the way I find the write words.  BAM!!!  And were off…you might almost describe my own write style to the style of The Money Making Jam Boys and how they were actually formed.  They are tried and true MCs that bring a lot of that freestyle shit that can be found in Philly a lot to their music.  If you ever seen any of there shows or jam sessions with The Roots you know what I mean.  That’s actually how they were formed along the way as well.  If you don’t know what I mean, Dice Raw, is one of the members of The Money Making Jam Boys, which just so happen to be Philadelphia and one of my favorite groups these days.  He’s an affiliate of the Roots crew and in many ways a Philly legend with music dating back as early as 2000 with his Reclaiming The Dead album on MCA…wow MCA I remember those muthafuckas.  To be quite honest, aside from The Roots stuff I had never heard of Dice Raw until recently…and I wouldn’t exactly say I was even a fan of The Roots until recently too.  I threw Reclaiming The Dead on last night…it was  a refreshing walk through the past…style wise of course.

I guess style wise is a perfect segue into this next portion and probably my favorite project from Dice Raw, his Antidote mixtape.  Dice and I got to chatting talking, chatting sounds very gay, on twitter shortly after his Crown On The Ground mixtape dropped.  I had hoped to write something about him back the, but never found the time.  I asked him what his best project was and he replied, “The Antidote“.  I did even know the shit existed, but nonetheless I tracked it down.  Finally, threw it on one day when I was cleaning my room…I can only assume a bitch was coming over because that’s the only time I clean my room…I loved it…the mixtape…I don’t love no hoes.  After, first listening to Dice, Dilla, Pregunta I had mixed feelings, I wasn’t completely blow away and kept meaning to go back and listen but never got around to it.  Note: I was still deeply in the midst of blinding hating on The Roots and all things affiliated with The Roots at that point. I enjoyed Crown On The Ground a bit more off first listen, listening to it either before or after The Antidote as I tidied my room for that aforementioned bitch.  However, The Antidote…that shit there nigga…that shit right there nigga…my favorite.  I thought that project captured the type of music I love, that vintage 80’s…early 90’s and in many ways Dice Raw…at least I hope so because I loved it.  At times I was even kind of surprised by it, but in a good way…I think that’s probably why Dice said it was his best.  It’s different, like Dice Raw…I mean the man performs in 10 piece suits, but still very good.  If I remember correctly the music just stood out and i’m not sure if it’s because I just watched a video about the Money Making Jam Boys, but I vaguely remember the hooks, lyrics, along with just about everything being great.  Then, again that could be because I just watched a video with Truck North talking about those are some of the things that Dice Raw brings to the table.  Hard to say, my brain is jam backed as this point on some Johnny Mnemonic’s type shit.

I’ll have to back and listen as I really enjoyed that mixtape before the show tonight.  For the time being i’ll take Truck North’s word as far as what Dice Raw brings to the table.  I say that I think he also brings a tint of sophisication and classiness to the group as well…I mean the man wear 15 piece suits…yes I said 10 before, but I forgot some pieces.  Normally, all of what I just said wouldn’t necessarily be the recipe for consideration in the XXL Freshmen List, I really think Dice Raw is well beyond a Freshmen.  Then, again if you ask just about any rapper I doubt very few of them would say they think they are where they deserve to be.  However, as I have learned with this music shit some artist should be bigger and the XXL Freshmen List has the power to catapult you to that place.  In my eyes, I would probably consider Truck North, STS, and P.O.R.N. as moreso freshmen…I struggled with it for awhile actually.  It does kind of make sense though, because in many ways aside from Black Thought all of the members of Jam Boys are being re-invented and being introduced to a whole other audience through the Jam Boys.  So I guess it’s Dice Raw, Money Making Jam Boy, 20 piece suit wearer, Philly Legend, Doc Holliday 2011 Freshmen.  I just really wish I could remember or not whether he had tweeted something about the whole Freshmen List to someone from XXL or not…stupid ass Johnny Mnemonic brain.  Nonetheless, enjoy the music and also check out the Jam Boys mixtape too.  Tracklisting and link below for The Greatest Rapper Never: Preservation and links for the others.

1. What About Dice
2. Never
3. 100
4. Baby Come Home
5. 1995
6. Time Flies
7. 100 Remix (feat. Freeway, Schoolly D, EST & Bonic)
8. Bad To The Bone

Download: The Greatest Rapper Never: Preservation [Soundcloud] | Doc Link

Download: Crown On The Ground (Mixtape)

Download: The Antidote (Mixtape)

Download: Dice, Dilla, Pregunta (Mixtape)


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