Official Street Radio Spotlight: Young Chris Mixtapes

I had hoped to write something about Young Chris, especially with the release of his new mixtape L.I.F.E. (Ladies In Free Everywhere) and his performance at Fluid Tonight with Freeway and Sean Falyon for Vitamin Water Uncapped Live.  However, i’m in a less than stellar mood so you’re just getting the music for now.  Tracklisting and link before for The Re-Introduction and links to a whole heap of others.

1. The Re-Introduction
2. Break Em Down f. Rico Love
3. Philly
4. Take a Picture f. Rico Love
5. Street Secrets f. Freeway
6. My Money f. Busy Signal
7. None of Dem f. Emjay & Rico Love
8. I’m Choosin
9. Top Notch f. Billy Blue & JW
10. Air Out
11. Harder to Leave

Download: The Re-Introduction (Mixtape)

Download: Hot 97 Freestyle Session 2001 (Mixtape)

Download: HOT97 Live 2 (Mixtape)

Download: Hovie’s Home (Mixtape)

Download: L.I.F.E. (Ladies In Free Everywhere) (Mixtape)

Download: The Network 2 (Mixtape)

Download: The Network (Mixtape)

Download: 30 Days, 30 Verses (Mixtape)

Download: Campagin For Change (Mixtape)

Download: Last Man Standing (Mixtape)

Download: Never Die (Mixtape)

Download: The Newprint (Mixtape)

Download: Young Chris-mas (Mixtape)

Download: Killadelphia: More Bodies Than Days (Mixtape)

Download: Now Or Never (Mixtape)

Download: Hired Gun (Mixtape)

Download: Politically Incorrect (Mixtape)

Download: Back To Business (Mixtape)


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