Trademark Da Skydiver – Issue #1 x #2: Super Villain x #3: Reign Supreme (Mixtapes)

While this doesn’t get the coveted spotlight or whatever the fuck i’m calling that shit these days I still like these mixtapes a lot.  In fact, they were a very pleasant surprise.  I partly expected them to be good because of the cool as artwork, a couple of Trademark’s features on Curren$y songs, and the support behind him around the time of the XXL 2011 Freshmen List.  Unfortunately, Trademark didn’t make the XXL list…even though you could probably make a case for him.  All fuckery aside, if he keeps making music like Issue #1-3 I don’t see why he won’t continue to have success.  Nonetheless, I threw him in my 2011 Freshmen List of Fuckery as i’m calling it these days even before listening to his music.  I just had a good feeling about him and based on everything I heard about him I thought he deserved it even if I hadn’t listened to his music at that point.  So, of course, I was happy to hear his music was as good as I heard because I love being right.  With that said, I’ll definitely be looking forward to the show tonight at The Trocadero even if I had to pay for my ticket. *cries*  I always like to think paying for shows or buying cool as shirts is the least I could do for stealing most of the great music I do these days.  Oh and trust me Trademark’s music is pretty great.  So is that Cookin’ Soul Jet Life To the Next Life tape too, that’s the one that first got me into his music aside from his features.  Anyway, tracklisting and links below for all of the tapes and I even threw in the iTunes links in case you want to show you’re support.  Jets.

Download: Issue #1 (Mixtape) | iTunes

Props: 2dopeboyz

1. Opening Credits
2. Dead Fool
3. High Life f. Smoke DZA
4. Ova ‘N Out f. Curren$y
5. SuperVillian
6. Oxygen
7. N.O. & N.Y. f. Hybrid
8. Techno-Flo f. Fortunate Ones
9. Lameguage
10. M.C. & F.W. f. Dee-Low
11. Flash f. Street Wiz
12. 10th Wonder
13. Pre-Roasted f. Curren$y
14. 15¢ f. Young Roddy & Nesby Phips
15. Closing Credits

Download: Issue #2: Super Villain (Mixtape) | iTunes

Props: 2dopeboyz

1. Act I
2. I’m Sayn
3. Elevated
4. Skyscrapers Featuring Curren$y, Young Roddy, Dash
5. 365 Featuring Smoke DZA & Terri Walker
6. In Orbit
7. Necessities Featuring Dash
8. Everywhere I Go Featuring Nesby Phips, Terri Walker & Merc
10. Up Here Featuring Terri Walker
11. Protocol Featuring Nesby Phips
12. S.A.S. Featuring Terri Walker
13. The End

Download: Issue #3: Reign Supreme (Mixtape) | iTunes


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