Official Street Radio Spotlight: theFEW (Focus… x Al Gator x Kida) – FEWnification (Album)

Somehow before this dropped I managed to miss all the leaks for this or something.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because I usually try to avoid leaks like the plague.  I always love the feeling of hearing all the music for the first time when I sit down to listen to a mixtape or album.  Plus these days I feel like artist don’t leak enough music or leak far too much.  Anyway, when I first saw this album I couldn’t have downloaded it fast enough as Kida is easily one of my favorite artist these days.  I didn’t even know Focus… was going to be rapping on this, as I thought he was just a producer…a great producer nonetheless, but I didn’t know he sang and rapped as well.  As far as Al Gator goes, when this first dropped I had never of him at the time.  I just hoped he wouldn’t ruin the project for me lol.  Of course, this ended up being one of my favorite albums of last year and I guess it’s safe to say a.Fam now was home to two of my favorite up and coming artists along with my one of my favorite producers/rappers/singers/idealist in Focus… lol.  During a recent trip down to Atlanta I had the great pleasure of meeting Focus… and Al Gator.  I guess eventually i’ll have to meet Kida now since I met Focus… and Al Gator too…damn talented ass rappers lol.  Unfortunately, the music industry fuckery seems to splintered the great up and coming label that was once a.Fam.  However, Focus…, Al Gator, and Kida have still been able to move forward despite some of these setbacks.  Which just goes to show no matter the bullshit greatness can’t be stagnated.  I hope they all have continued success though, not because I think they deserve it, but also just because i’m just as idealist if not more than Focus…Tracklisting and link below for one of my favorite albums from last year…sans that auto-tune track.  That Lavendar Johnson skit kills me every time too lol.

Download: FEWnification (Album)

Props: 2dopeboyz

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