Cookin’ Soul x Trademark Da Skydiver x Young Roddy x Curren$y – Jet Life To the Next Life (Mixtape) x Nothin’ Lesser (Video)

I had first dropped this mixtape off on one my more productive days it appears and I think I had sushi that days as well. I find I have to strike while the iron is hot when it comes to my motivation.  However, muthafuckas really need to stop rolling up on me while i’m in my cubicle with my headphones on.  Yes, I know I can’t hear anything with these headphones on…that’s the purpose.  I’m going to end up fucking someone up soon.  I’m going to be like Scarface in Half Baked when I quit…or worse…security is definitely going to be required.  Anyway, I was trying to do a little research on this before I wrote something…yes, I do that…I figure you can find music anywhere on the site, but there is only one Doc.  With that said, 2dopeboyz along with Cookin’ Soul presented this Jet Life To the Next Life mixtape from Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy & Curren$y back when it dropped.  For those that don’t know Trademark Da Skydiver and Young Roddy are fellow Jets members…well at least Trademark is…Young Roddy i’m assuming even though he has no twitter and shit.  I probably should do a little more research on that, but while I said I do research I didn’t say how much.  I have been meaning to listen to Trademark’s Issue #1 – 3 back when this first dropped and after being very impressed with this tape I went back and did just that.  I haven’t heard much of his music prior, but I figured he was someone to look out for so he earned a spot in my convoluted “Freshmen List“.  Sure enough I was right as I like his mixtapes very much.  I even figured I would add them below and here.  Hopefully, I don’t get pinched for that because they were originally free and i’m sure most people don’t know him nearly as well as they know Curren$y.  Sorry, Young Roddy, I haven’t heard nearly as much about you…aside from your features on Curren$y stuff.  I like both Trademark and Young Roddy on Roasted off the first Pilot Talk though.

Download: Curren$y – Roasted (feat. Trademark Da Skydiver & Young Roddy)

Actually, when I went to the Curren$y show at Public Assembly he performed almost all of Pilot Talk in it’s entirety…GREAT SHOW…and they came out and performed with him, of course.  I hope no introduction is needed for Curren$y and/or 2dopeboyz…because you’re not getting one.  Hopefully, the new feature should link to all of Curren$y’s mixtapes below though.  Cookin’ Soul, i’ll be a little more generous with…they are the great production team behind a couple mixtapes that I have really enjoyed like the one they did with Nas and Gil Scott-Heron just to name a few.  I guess that just about covers all my bases, tracklisting and link below for the new tape.  Yeah…that shit definitely didn’t work completely last time with the links so here’s a link to the rest of Curren$y’s shit and also some of Trademark’s Da Skydiver’s shit since they’ll all be in Philly tonight at The Trocadero for The Jet Life Tour.

Download: Jet Life To the Next Life (Mixtape) | Doc Link

Props: 2dopeboyz

Props: 2dopeboyz

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