Fabolous – There Is No Competition 1 x 2 x Loso's Way (Rise To Power) (Mixtapes)

I wanted to go back and revisit one of my link violations at the time, especially since I didn’t write anything about The There Is No Competition 2 EP. Even if I was just repackaged version of part 2…i’m listening to it now…what the fuck is Drama talking about.  Anyway, I’ve been a fan of Fabolous since the Fabolous Sport days, I really wish I knew where my Best of Fabolous Sport mixtape was.  I always have kind of love/hate thing with Fabolous though…hate is probably too strong of a word, but I can’t thing of a more polarizing rapper with respect to his music.  Mixtape Fabolous i’m a huge fan of…Album Fabolous not nearly as much.  Aside from his first album I always feel like I begrudgingly become a fan of his albums.  I fully understand you need to make those crossovers tracks to sell…and I guess Fabolous is the type of artists that has to make those songs.  However, my problem is those damn songs always sound so damn forced with Fab.  The fact remains i’m still a big Fab fan, but i’ll always be partial to the Fab that tore down those Clue tapes and filled me with dreams of a Triangle Offense (Fab, Paul Cain, and Joe Budden) album or mixtape.  I’m still looking forward to his next album, but of course his next mixtape a little more.  I’m not even going to talk about his twitter antics considering my own antics…and besides I don’t want my NY pass revoked.  I fucking love NY too.

Download Mixtape: There Is No Competition 2 (The Funeral Service)

Download Mixtape: There Is No Competition

Download Mixtape: Loso’s Way (Rise To Power)

Download Mixtape: The S.O.U.L. Tape


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