10.Deep x Money Making Jam Boys – The Prestige: Jam Boy Magic (Mixtape)

As expected the long awaited mixtape from The Money Making Jam Boys has been getting heavy play ever since I downloaded it.  It’s always nice when music lives up to my lofty expectations.  If you haven’t listened to it by now  I don’t know what the fuck you’re doing, but you definitely should.  I think my favorite song is probably Money Makes The World Go.

@jamboymagic – Money Make The World Go by DocHolliday

I really love the whole tape though.  Tracklisting and links below and also some more music from STS, Dice Raw, Truck North, and Black Thought…i’m not sure if P.O.R.N. has any solo shit out.

Download: The Prestige: Jam Boy Magic (Mixtape) [10deep.com] | Doc Link


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