Planting a Tree for – Exponent Entertainmet

Earth Day comes along every year in April. Each year I vow to do something spectacular on that day that will save the Earth and I usually fall short from my goal. This year however, I got a head start!

I was at Whole Foods the other day … which I will be writing about later. We need talk about Whole Foods. I keep reading some disturbing things. Anyway, when you first walk into Whole Foods, they have the seeds and soil out for the spring. I noticed these little white balls things for $1.99. I went over to inspect more.

It was tree seeds in its own little green house. The great thing about this is you are given all the materials to get the tree started and you can register your tree online. The company then will plant a tree for every tree bought. Therefore providing much needed natural resources to the planet especially clean air. I love the concept! I love the idea! and Ent definitely needed its own tree πŸ™‚

The organization is the World Clean Air Forest Initiative:
WCAFI (World Clean Air Forest Initiative) is a social enterprise with a goal to clean the air; fight climate change, deforestation and pollution.
We do this with our Clean Air Tree Kit, a tree growing kit that contains everything you need to grow and plant your own tree at home. The Kit’s globe is made from potato waste and is 100% biodegradable. What’s more, when you buy and plant one, we will plant another tree with our planting partners around the world, you plant one, we plant one.
Every element of the Clean Air Tree Kit supports our campaign and is designed to get you involved in environmentally focused activities that will have a direct effect on local and global communities, and hopefully bring us all closer together.

This is the tree when you take off the packaging:

This is what is inside:

The tree planted and ready to grow!

To keep track of Tree Exponent … you can visit it online:’s Tree

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