We Run The Streets x Joey Jihad x Meek Mill – Lebron & Kobe (Mixtape) (Hosted By DJ Cosmic Kev)

The new We Run The Streets mixtape Lebron & Kobe Hosted by DJ Cosmic Kev.  Big shout out to the dude that tried to sell me this mixtape in the club one Saturday night at Mixx and also shout the whole UE Radio Staff for being there…well most of them.  To that dude that tried to sell me this mixtape in the club, i’m strictly in the club to get drunk and grind on bitches.  Just because I couldn’t drink still doesn’t mean I was buying your mixtape IN THE CLUB AT THAT.  There is a time and place for everything.  For instance, if i’m going to a funeral that isn’t the opportunity to be like hey listen to my music.  HELL NO!!!  In fact, it will result in the exact opposite shit happening.  So with that said, it has been a long journey and not just because i’m getting Hollywood or some shit but here are the following reasons why I will not be buying anyone’s music these days:

1. If I don’t know you and have never seen you perform
2. If I don’t know you, I have never seen you perform, and you try to charge me more than $3 (Sorry random niggas selling your mixtape on Broad Street)
3. If i’m in the club and it’s not for an album release or mixtape release (I’m just not buying your shit on principle)
4. If you’re only selling the digital copy on iTunes

Just to show you i’m not Hollywood, a couple opportunities where I might consider buying your music:

1. If you are an up and coming artist that I see and that I like (Khemist What Up!)
2. If the only way for me to get your music is buying a hard copy from you

So there you have it, enjoy the Joey Jihad & Meek Mill mixtape.  Tracklisting and link below.

Dowload Mixtape: Lebron & Kobe (Hosted by DJ Cosmic Kev)



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