Roc-A-Fella/State Property Hot 97 Freestyle Sessions (Mixtapes)

livehot97freestylesRoc-A-Fella Records Doc? What the fuck?  That shit is dead and Jay-Z is a Free Mason…here me out.  I’ve been feeling like we need more Philly music around here and that’s one thing I definitely want to get more of around here.  As Phrillz told me the other day I do a good job of showing love to everyone whether local, national, underground, or mainstream…well to an extent…as long as it’s hot…if I can.  However, the one thing I always try to do is look out for the local dudes, so we gotta get a lot more of that shit popping.  I’m actually taking the next couple of days off to tie up some loose ends so hopefully that happens sooner rather than later.  It feels like I’ve been running around nonstop, even now i’m sitting at my desk for the first time in a long time just chilling, I forgot what that feeling feels like.  So anyway I figured what better way to get some local shit on here then to take a look back at some of the shit that I really fucked with back in the day.  Even Jersey dudes was fucking with The Roc…errr State Property because let’s be honest a lot of the reasons behind them being the dynasty they were was thanks in part to State Property.  That wasn’t more apparent than back on that first freestyle session on Hot 97.  This begs the question why the fuck isn’t there a major radio station in Jersey especially South Jersey…we don’t really fuck with North Jersey like that, shit they might as well be another state.  Anyway, I don’t think I got any work done in my 1st period computer class the week that first freestyle session dropped.  I’ve never been a morning person and I definitely wasn’t the most social person back then.  I would just get lost in my music on those mornings on my way to school.  Shit I wouldn’t even talk to anyone if I could help it until at least 2nd period.  I remember that week I bumped this shit nonstop all week…and shit really a couple weeks after that.  Every once in a while i’ll throw it on and it always takes me back to those days.

It was a happier time back then, not even just for the Roc, but really I guess you can say for music in general.  However, i’m not the type to dwell on the past, I like to take the approach Freeway and Just Blaze took in these situations.  Everyone could have done things differently, just like most of us could have done things differently in our own lives.  Rather than point fingers, look at the good times…I still remember the first time hearing them all, it was the first time for a lot of Jersey people like myself and they killed it.  Chris (HE’S ONLY 16!!!), Oschino (always my favorite), Beans, Free, Sparks, and the rest of the Roc.  I have to be honest i’m a little pissed that I never got an Oschino and Sparks album…ahh but shit happens.  At least they all seem to be doing well now and i’ve even had the honor of meeting some of them…and the conversations weren’t terrible awkward too!!!  Then, when they all was beefing with Nas and D-Block…I really just have to put my feelings aside and listen to the music because I was a huge fan of all of them.  The beef really brought out the best out of everyone involved and you can’t really say the same for a lot of other beefs.  I guess in that sense it’s a good beef…but still I would much rather see them all working together as oppose to beefing and the same goes for a lot of artists.  Before we go down that path…i’m sure that will eventually happen…do yourself a favor a give this a listen.  Thank me later, and really thank you all for visiting the site and fucking with me and the rest of the team as well.  If haven’t done so already make sure you get that Undisputed Entertainment Mixtape: The Official Takeover Round One Hosted by DJ NoPhrillz and Benja Styles here.  PSP!!! Also really just support any artists out here grinding…ok I think i’m going to go take a nap or something i’m fucking exhausted.  Doc out.

Roc-A-Fella – Hot 97 Freestyle Session 2001

Roc-A-Fella – Hot 97 Live 2


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