RiZ (of Byrdgang) – Where It's At (Produced By Data) (Directed By SameDna) (Video)

I was actually waiting until I took care of some other things before I posted this, but being that Data is finally now on twitter I figure know time like the present.  Will him and RiZ actually use twitter though? Who knows lol.  For those that don’t know RiZ is one of the many very talented rappers that I met last year, however he happens to be from my home away from home, Atlantic City.  The former Black Wall Street member and recently signed Byrdgang (Jim Jones) artist is easily one of the best artist that I happen to know.  Him and Data are members of my little Freshmen Class, and RiZ is also one of the artist that I think should be much bigger than he currently is.  During one of our meetings when I was back home he played god knows how many songs for me into the wee hours of the night and they were all great.  So i’m hoping that 2011 marks a big year for not only him, but also Data.

Data along with Rick Skope in the video as well are actually two of my childhood friends and members of No Risk No Reward Entertainment.  Which is actually the former label/music group that I used to work with before they fired my ass lol…deservingly so though.  It’s all chronicled in this other piece i’m working on, but the fact remains they are some of the best up and coming artist in the city.  I personally believe Data is one of the best up and coming producers/engineers in the city and i’m not just saying that because we grew up together or because I used to manage him, albeit poorly lol.  He finished second to the Incredible Stro and finished in front of Joe Logic in the iStandard Producer Showcase in Philly back in May.  I guess that’s about all though, check the links below for some more shit from these guys and look out for some more shit from them in the future.

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