Rapper Big Pooh x Black Milk – The Purple Tape (Mixtape) (Mixed By Jaycee)

I would post this mixtape in honor of the great Prince show I went to earlier this year at Madison Square Garden.  It was probably the best show I have ever seen usurping Black Milk’s show I saw last year for the title.  This is really the mixtapes that got me into Rapper Big Pooh and Little’s Brother music as well…Black Milk has been one of my favorite producers for a little while now.  However, prior to hearing this I had never really been a fan of Little Brother and never really cared to even listen to their music…you know because i’m stubborn douche.  So when I found this mixtape I figured even if Rapper Big Pooh sucked I would at least love the Black Milk Prince inspired beats.  I, of course, loved the mixtape…and not for just the beats.  Proving once again that i’m a dumbass.  As a result, I have been a fan of Little Brother ever since finding it…I even saw them twice last year.  I had wanted to tell Rapper Big Pooh the story at this one show, but he seemed busy and I had already met my status quo for awkward conversations with rappers for the evening.  Nonetheless, it remains one of my favorite mixtapes.  I love the one Morris Day skit in there too lol.  Anyway, hope you enjoy it as well and hopefully i’ll finish up the stuff on Black Milk and Prince soon…oh yeah I got some more shit to write about Little Brother too…eventually.

1. When I’m Done
2. Blueprint
3. Impatient f. Ms. Cris
4. Put It In The Air f. Joe Scudda
5. Holding Back f. Erica Thompson
6. Girlfriend
7. Camera Tricks f. Chaundon
8. Law & Order f. Jozeemo
9. Bounce
10. Say Something f. DJ Flash
11. Shoutemout

Download: The Purple Tape (Mixtape) [Bandcamp] | Doc Link

Props: 2dopeboyz


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