D-Block – D-Block R & B 1 x 2 (Mixtapes) (Doc Holliday’s Letter To The Ladies)

Unfortunately, ladies and you r&b loving dudes there isn’t a lot of r&b mixtapes in the mixtape game, which is quite unfortunate.  I actually like most of the r&b dudes/ladies that makes mixtapes too.  However, I just want you ladies to know that even though I don’t put up a lot of r&b I still actually like r&b and I still I love you all…even the fat ones.  We just can’t really mess around though.  Unfortunately, even though yall love me like yall love cake and other sweets, there is a weight rescriction for the Doc Holliday ride.  We can be friends though, and if you lose some weight then we can talk.  As for the ones that do meet the weight requirement, I wish I had some more free time these days, but i’m just so busy these days and a lot of yall are emotionally available.  Trust me I understand that some bum ass nigga has hurt you in the past, but not all niggas are like that.  I’m sure it’s easier to just write off all niggas and some assume of you don’t date niggas you might not get hurt.  However, the fact of the matter is there are grimy ass niggas, white niggas, and sand niggas.  I might recommend…and this may sound crazy…STOP FUCKING AROUND WITH THE SAME STUPID ASS NIGGAS OVER AND OVER!!!  STOP WRITING OFF DUDES BEFORE YOU EVEN GET TO KNOW THEM BECAUSE YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISED TOO!!!  Can yall beautiful ladies try doing that for me in 2011…or not…whatever suits yall.  Yall the ones that want to get married, have kids, and be in fucking relationship anyway.  I could give 2 fucks, my mom and friends would like for me to settle down and find a nice girl…which wouldn’t be so bad.  She would be like a muse of sorts, because I definitely need help with my motivation and other numerous things.  Since a good majority of yall are emotionally unavailable I usually try to spend my time on more productive shit then chasing around girls that don’t want to be caught…call me crazy.  Oh wait you want me to keep calling you or texting even though you can’t return phone calls.  Oh wait you want to act like a bitch when I just asked you your name because I was going to buy you a drink.  Fuck you, I would rather beat my dick like I stole something.  The fact still remains there is a few of you I wish I had more time for…ahh i’ll let Stack tell yall though…

@IamStackBundles – If I Had the Time by DocHolliday

So since there is about to be an absolute onslaught of rap music I thought I would bring back one of my favorite r&b mixtapes from my favorite group.  There is a massive D-Block post in the works too.  It’s so unfortunate I don’t have more free time though for some of these ladies, there’s so many dudes that don’t know how to treat these ladies.  Like for instance a lot of chicks don’t really even like rap music like that, and can actually be seduced with r&b music.  Plus there is the added bonus that if you put on r&b music in the car that she likes she won’t even talk to you and you get to enjoy a nice peaceful car ride.  Maybe I should finish up this Hitch Holliday Mixtape schooling a lot of these niggas.  I guess D-Block R&B 1 & 2 will have to do for now though.  Wyatt what up!!!


Download Mixtape: D-Block R&B


Download Mixtape: D-Block R&B 2

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