Doc Holliday's 2011 x 2012 Freshmen Class

I was actually just about send the names of couple artists over to my boss as possible guests on our show.  Then, I thought hey I should just send her my unfinished 2011 & 2012 Freshen Class complete with Geographic fucking breakdown.  There is a much longer post that contains my reasoning and a bunch of bullshit about me…but it’s not finished.  So I figured in the meantime I would just liberate the list and add a couple thoughts so no one tries to fuck me me up.  At the current rate i’m working this shit won’t be finished until March anyway.  Anyway, unlike most muthafuckas I know a lot of really talented rappers and some of them even personally these days.  It’s a skill i’ve had since Middle School.  I have the liberty of putting whoever and however many people on my list and as you are about to find out that is just what the fuck I did.  Also it’s important to note if you ever told me you were the best rapper or best producer I probably thought you were full of shit…yep…I was nodding my head, but I was thinking this guy obviously doesn’t know who the fuck I am.  Moving on, I broke down my list based on the following criteria which is explained in the other piece in more detail.

  • Talent
  • Content
  • Buzz
  • Discography

For now, you can read in between the lines or throw a fit if I didn’t include you in my list or if you think I unfairly placed you somewhere.  I like to think I know something about these things even though I don’t look like it…I mean there’s more names than I care to count on this fucking list sorry if I snubbed you.  Everyone was placed accordingly for a reason and that was not easy.  I still probably left someone off…actually I just remembered another name.  While talent is the first bullet point, it probably has the least to do with success, especially these days.  I wish more people, especially in Philly understood that.  In my eyes several Philly rappers are better than a lot of the rappers on the list but because of various reasons they have been placed accordingly.  Either due to legal issues, inability to understand that the world is bigger than Philly, general fuckery, or limited resources and exposure I could not place them any higher then I.  I tried to remain unbias as possible and actually I went back and forth with several people not just from Philly for awhile.  Since, I know some of them I like to think they would probably agree with where I placed them…or they might just tell me to go fuck myself I spit that hot fire.  Whatever may be the case, I hope they can find their path or direction because a lot of them are truly very talented.  Without further ado my 2011 & 2012…I don’t need to go making this anywhere near as long as the other piece.  Actually, wait one more thing, I ended up adding the 2012 list because there are a lot of people I see great potential in not just rappers and really anything can happen in year.  Shit look at me.

The Doc Holliday 2011 Freshmen Class

Honorary Freshmen
Stack Bundles

Joe Kane Freshmen
Sha Stimuli (ATL)
DJ Victorious (NY)

Redshirt Freshmen
Kida (LA)

Vado (NY)
Young De (LA)
Mac Miller
Big K.R.I.T. (Miss)
Kendrick Lamar (LA)
Cyhi Da Prynce
School Boy Q (LA)
Danny Brown (Det)
STS (Philly)
Meek Mill (Philly)
Emilio Rojas (NY)
Dom Kennedy (LA)
Dice Raw (Philly)
Truck North (Philly)
Masspike Miles (Bos)
Chiddy Bang (Philly)
Carlitta Durand
Smoke DZA (NY)
Tiron (LA)

Haven’t Heard Their Music But I’ve Heard Good Things
Lexx 9leven (NY)
Chip The Ripper (Cle)
Tone Trump (Philly)
Trademark Da Skydiver
Sean Faylon (ATL)
Playboy Tre
Thee Tom Hardy
Fred Tha Godson (NY)
Philly Swain (Philly)
Reek Da Villian
Ab-Soul (LA)
Pac Div (LA)
Shawn Chrystopher (LA)

I Don’t Like Them But By God Dammit I Respect Them…Well Sort of
French Montana (NY)
Lil B

The Free Spirit
Jay Electronica (NY)

Numonics (MIA)
J. Cardim (Bos)
Jahlil Beats (Philly)

The Doc Holliday 2012 Freshmen Class

Donny Goines (NY)
Push Montana (NY)
Homeboy Sandman (NY)
D. Schwartz (NY)
YC The Cynic (NY)
The Dopplegangaz (NY)
Eric Sosa (NY)
Rugz D. Bewler (NY)
Esso (NY)
Yonas (NY)
Charlie Clips

The Philly Guys That I Think Should Be Bigger
Reignman (Philly)
Reed Dollaz (Philly)
Joey Jihad (Philly)
Kre Forch
Chic Raw
Jay Bezel (Philly)
Nico The Beast (Philly)

The Rest of The Philly Class
Hollowman (Philly)
Joe Caution (Philly)
The Astronauts (Philly)
Porta Rich (Philly)
Uptown Byrd (Philly)
Vinny Blanco (Philly)
Dolla Rise (Philly)
Zarinah (Philly)
Keziah (Hezekiah’s Sister) (Philly)
N.H. (Philly)
Theodore Grams (Philly)
Hedonis (Philly)
Allegheny Dough Boys (Philly)
Madface (Philly)
Keywest (Philly)
The Squadaz (Philly)
The Authentic (Philly)
Ive Vegas (Philly)
F-Chain (Philly)
Prophy (Philly)
Day Donato (Philly)
2Gunn Ciz (Philly)
Ordeal (Philly)
Trump Gees (Philly)
Cuzinlil (Philly)
BAU (Philly)
Quilly Millz (Philly)
HH Spady (Philly)
UBM (Philly)
Hyspeed (Philly)
Tellemmyname Sosa (Philly)
Kev Turner (Philly)
Housewife (Philly)
Kandis Greene (Philly)
Mill Millionz
Scorp Da Boy
Lucci Loner
B. Kane
Chill Moody
Redi Roc (Ape Gang)
Preem (Ape Gang)
Garci (Ape Gang)
Homicide Stizz (Ape Gang)
Ace Geez
Ape Gang
Amillion Buk
Miz Maf (Street Spittas)
Mass (Street Spittas)
Hommicide (Street Spittas)
Sick Six
Mel Alston
South Philly Sheed
South Philly Mel
Airplane Ace
Boo Bundlez
Young Hot
Young Savage
Rockie Reyes
I Know Brasco
Mont Brown
Big Bee
Skeem (Philly) (NR NR)
Mone The Jedi
Po Prolly

The Jersey Guys That I Think Should Be Bigger
Fel Sweetenberg
Dave Guetto
RiZ (Jersey)
Kilogram (Jersey)

The Rest of the Jersey Class
Apollo The Great (Jersey)
The Lunch Break (Jersey)
Diverse Elegance (Jersey)
Scholar Lito (Jersey)
Rich Quick (Jersey)
J. Griff (Jersey)
Bars M.U.R.R.E (Jersey)
Streetkash (Jersey)
Barz (Jersey)
Sir Charles (My Cousin) (Jersey)
YFame (Jersey)
Money Carsin (Jersey)
Big OOH (Jersey)
Balboa (Jersey)
T. Dot
J. Ross
Rick Sckope (NR NR)
Chase The Great

The LA Guy That Should Probably Be Bigger
Diz Gibran (LA)

The Rest of The LA Class
Co$$ (LA)

Wreckonize (MIA)
J. Nics
!Mayday (MIA)
Laws (MIA)

I Don’t Know What City A Lot Of These People Are From Nor Do I Feel Like Looking Right Now
Theophilus London
Stalley (Cle)
Tyler Woods
SL Jones
K. Michele
Milton Banks (DC)
Big Remo
Cymarshall Law
Ghost Wridah
William Gone
Al Gator (ATL)
John Hope
Gilbert Forte
Shay Star
Gilbert Forte
Jon Conner
Chris Jones
Show Tufli

Data (Philly) (NR NR)
Moonshine (NY)
Skeem (Philly) (NR NR)
Joe Logic (Philly)
Wes Manchild (Philly)
Level 13 (Philly)
Alliance (Philly)
Hank McCoy (Philly)
Dark Vadorr (Philly) (NR NR)
All-Star (Philly)
Charlie Heat (Philly) (The Squadaz)
Ill Vibe (Philly)
Jet Setters
Incredible Stro (Jersey)
Conway (Philly)
Pace-O Beats (Philly)
Supahot Beats (Ala)
Dozi (Philly)
Dom The Boss (Philly)
Sap (Philly)

DJ Benz (Philly)
DJ Damage (Philly)
DJ Set (Philly)
DJ Difference (Philly)
Phlash (Philly)

Big OC Diesel (Philly)
Mel Harris (Philly)

Barry McAfee (Philly)
Mr. Hype (Jersey)
Tyce Sanabria (Jersey)

Jimmy Giambrone
Same DNA
Jay West
Shannon Muir

Aubrey Green
J (Exponent)
Ccelli (Exponent)
Ceo Ro (Street Spittas)

Writer/Manager/Publicist/A&R/Little Sister/Mind Fucker

Angeline Campbell

Radio Station
UE Radio

Radio Show
Batcave Radio
Official Street Radio
Fix Ya Focus Radio

The Socialite
Marcus Alford

The Nobody
Mally Hustle

My Brother
Wyatt Earp

Exponent Ent.


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