D.O.E. Boy (of B.A.U.) (Doc Holliday 2012 Freshmen) – Back 4 The D.O.E (Mixtape) (Hosted by DJ Wyse Schmeek)

Download/Listen | Doc Link

Obviously, as I like D.O.E. Boy and really all of B.A.U. as they are in my 2012 Freshmen Class I have more comments, but i’ll forgo that at the moment because my job sucks and I need food.  I definitely fucks with the new mixtape as I expected though.  Also check the link below for some more D.O.E. Boy shit too.  Streaming link as soon as D.O.E. Boy calls me back too…rappers lol.

More D.O.E. Boy Shit: Doeboy Crack Era x Lo Horse and Hoes (Mixtapes)

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