An Unfinished Slaughterhouse Story By Doc Holliday (Partial Mixtape Discography)

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I will take a mulligan with this unfinished post since I still haven’t seen them all perform together.  I’ve seen Joey a couple times now, with Crooked and Royce and then vice versa.  I’ve also seen Joell a couple times by himself and with Joey…even met him once, but I still haven’t seen them all together.  So i’m really looking forward to seeing them all together next month…I completely forget when you’re supposed to use altogether and all together too…ahh fuck it.  Hopefully, soon after that i’ll get to finish up writing something about 4 of my favorite artist and one of my favorite groups.  For now though enjoy the music…it is great and plentiful…know how I know you’re gay…because you said plentiful.  Also, I know Royce has a couple more mixtapes too, I have some of them but they’re all disorganized.  So we’ll hold off on them for now.  I like to think there is more than enough music without them though.  Oh yeah, and if you haven’t grabbed the Slaughterhouse album make sure you do that too!!!  AND…CARLOS…WHOOPS, I MEAN…SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!

Download Mixtape: The Mixtape

Download Mixtape: Leftovers

Doowload Mixtape: The Cold Cuts Collection

Download: Mood Muzik 4

Download: Mood Muzik

Download: Mood Muzik 2

A better quality version of Mood Muzik 3 with bonus songs

Download: Mood Muzik 3.5

Download: Irregular Heartbeat

Download: Relationships & Bullshit

Download: Joe Buddens I’m Back

Download: The Triangle Offense

Download Mixtape: Bar Exam 2 (Mixed by Green Lantern)Bar Exam 2 (Cutz That Didnt Make It)

Download Mixtape: The Bar Exam 3 (The Most Interesting Man)The Bar Exam 3 (No DJ Version)

Download Mixtape: The Bar Exam

Download Mixtape: Farewell Summer

Download Mixtape: The Ortiz Manifesto Mixtape (Mixed by DJ O-Zone)

Download Mixtape: Covers The Classics (Hosted By DJ Green Lantern)

Download Mixtape: Road Kill

Download Mixtape: Jackin For Beats

Download Mixtape: Defying The Predictable

Download Mixtape: Me, Myself & I

Download Mixtape: The Re-Up: Back to the Bodega

Download Mixtape: Who The Fuck Is Joell Ortiz (Hosted By Big Mike)

Download Mixtape: Mr. Pigface Weapon Waist

Download Mixtape: The Block Obama II

Download Mixtape: The Block Obama

Download Mixtape: Hip Hop Weekly (Complete Series)

Download Mixtape: Hip Hop Weekly: Reloaded


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