Ski Beatz feat. STS – Moon Walkin' (Trailer)

Man the title of this post is quite the handful…fuck it though I couldn’t be more happy about it and several things included along with it.  First, Ski Beatz and STS were actually 2 people I had the great pleasure of meeting this year and coincidentally 2 artists that I really like and respect these days.  While people keeping throwing around Kanye West’s name as producer of the year based off one over-hyped album that I don’t even think was better than Pilot Talk I, II, or 24 Hour Karate School I just so happen to think Ski Beatz was the better producer this year.  Really, I thought 24 Hour Karate School could have been better too.  STS who i’ve seen and met a couple times this year is one of my favorite new artists these days too, I really need to go back and re-write the original piece I wrote about him and Ski Beatz for that matter…and I will.  So when I heard about them working together on twitter I couldn’t have been happier.  Then, I clicked on this video expecting to see a preview for 24 Hour Karate School 2 and instead found the trailer for what i’m hoping is one of many future collaborations with them together.  I watched this video a bunch of times since.

The last piece of the puzzle is far less cool and nerdier than the other stuff, but I don’t give a fuck.  As I continue to workaround the shortcomings of our website until we get around to completely rebuilding it I have to find ways to make sure a lot of the great stuff I post…and it is great…isn’t lost.  I’m sure a lot of it still is lost though, but nonetheless as you might know by now I don’t give a fuck.  I still strive to make things look nice and fancy when I can because I know some people like that type of thing.  One thing in particular that is kind of a pain in the ass is the fact that when I post videos you don’t get a sample of the video like some other sites.  However, this has forced me to come up with some pretty cool ideas to spice things up.  For instance, i’ll usually post the songs artwork when available or I’ll post the artwork and links to the mixtape or album along with the video.  The latter of which, I really like because that’s a great way to get some youtube video whores to listen to more music from an artist than just look at videos.  While some people might go track down the mixtape or album I know the majority of people won’t.  However, I know if a link is available right in the post they are more likely to click the link…the fact of the matter is people are lazy…myself included…brilliant but lazy…like Spider-man.

In this day and age when videos are almost just as important if not more important than the music…which I hate…this is my way of combating that fuckery head on.  If you didn’t know i’m taking all fuckery head on with my fists in 2011…maybe i’ll even do some more writing then too.  For now though you can check out the original posts about STS and Ski Beatz below, i’m expecting more big things from those guys in 2011 too.  If not i’m bringing out the fists of fury lol…just kidding…but seriously though…someone will get fucked up.  Oh shit, during the course of my rambling I almost forgot my latest accomplishment.  Sorry, from time to time I go on these incoherent tirades that aren’t close to anything that could be considered a rational thought.  Everyone is usually dumber for reading them and i’m forced to award myself no points, and simple hope that God may have mercy on your soul.  Anyway, I finally figured out how to rip videos off youtube and then rip frames from that same video to use the pictures in posts.  Yes, I am a nerd…but a fucking cool ass nerd.  Enjoy the music.

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