HH Spady – Screws Loose x No Breaks

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The new mixtape Screws Loose from the recent guest on our show HH Spady.  I always heard good things about him, but never really listen to his music until recently…I fucks with it though.  We didn’t get to talk when he came on the show, I was running really late and he was leaving as I was coming into the studio.  He probably didn’t even know I was I…I don’t know why I said it like that lol, but yeah i’m pretty sure I gave him a shitty handshake too.  I always get called out about my handshake, but anyway make sure you check out the new mixtape and the older No Breaks with the resurrected mixing track 8.  Man I had to do everything short of sell my ass to get that, so I hope yall are thankful.  Doc out.

[audio:http://tothenextpower.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/08-Pain-In-My-Life-feat.-Sixnine.mp3|titles=Pain In My Life feat. Sixnine]

Download: Pain In My Life feat. Sixnine

Download/Listen: No Breaks (Let The Car Crash)

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