The Smoker's Club Tour feat. Curren$y x Big K.R.I.T. x Smoke DZA x Mac Miller & More (Mixtapes)

I almost forgot this was today and I debated back and forth about whether I should go…bc you know I have a bunch of other stuff to do.  Ultimately, I think i’ll probably just say fuck it and go, that’s the nice thing about not having a girlfriend aside from the desert dick.  I like doing whatever the fuck I want whenever the fuck I want to do it.  Nothing like a good show to make you forget all about life’s troubles too, and it should definitely be a good show.  I’ve seen Curren$y perform and that was definitely one of my favorite shows and i’ve also seen Big K.R.I.T. and Smoke DZA perform albeit Smoke DZA’s set was very short no homo.  I’ve never seen Mac Miller perform or listened to his music and i’ve been meaning to do both.  So I guess I’ll bang out a triple S (stroke, shower, shit) as oppose to the quadruple S (stroke, shower, shave, shit) and then roll out to the show.  Never been to Santos.

Download: Return To The Winner’s Circle (Mixtape)

Download Mixtape: Covert Coup (FreEP)

Download Mixtape: How Fly

Download Mixtape: This Aint No Mixtape

Download Mixtape: Sports Center Vol. 1

Download Mixtape: Life At 30,000 Feet

Download Mixtape: Independence Day

Download Mixtape: Higher Than 30,000 Feet

Download Mixtape: Welcome To The Winner’s Circle

Download Mixtape: Fear And Loathing In New Orleans

Download Mixtape: Super Tecmo Bowl

Download Mixtape: Fast Times at Ridgemont Fly

Download Mixtape: Fin…

Download Mixtape: Kicks, Video Games, Movies & Chicks

Download Mixtape: Smokee Robinson

Download Mixtape: K.R.I.T Wuz Here

Download Mixtape: See Me On Top

Download Mixtape: See Me On Top II

Download Mixtape: See Me On Top III

Download Mixtape: T.H.C. (The Hustlers Catalog)

Download Mixtape: George Kush Da Button

Download Mixtape: Substance Abuse (Mixtape)

Download Mixtape: Substance Abuse 1.5: The Headstash

Download Mixtape: Best Day Ever

Download Mixtape: K.I.D.S.

Download Mixtape: The High Life

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