Sheek Louch – Year Of The Wolf x Still A Wolf (Presented by Big Mike & Supa Mario) x More


Download Mixtape: Year of the Wolf Bootleg

I’m no way am I saying that my favorite member of The L.O.X. is inferior to Jada or Styles by these small ass thumbnails, in fact I said the exact opposite in the other post found at the link below.  What had happened was it was hard as fuck to find the covers for these old ass mixtapes especially Lock Down. Which I actually had on CD, where that CD is at now who the fuck knows.  While The L.O.X. or D-Block may not have put out nearly as many group album as I may have liked they always gave the streets plenty of music in the form of mixtapes.  I probably have more mixtapes/albums from D-Block than any artists or group, as I counted 52 earlier today.  Many of which they did with Big Mike…who follows me on twitter, score!!!  Lol, the second closest is probably Dipset…no i’m not counting them shits right now, but hopefully I will post them all soon.  For now though here’s some mixtapes from my favorite member of The L.O.X. and also one of my favorite artists.  I wonder if they still work with Supa Mario…if not that’s still not going to stop me from going MARIOOOOOOOO.  Doc out.  Whoops almost forgot check the link below for my thoughts on Sheek AND HIS NEW MIXTAPE TOO.  Doc is definitely out now, I didn’t even eat lunch yet.  Still didn’t eat lunch, but he’s some Big Mike shit too.

More Sheek Shit: Donnie Def Jam: Guerilla Warfare Vol. 1

More Big Mike Shit: Who The Fuck Is Joell Ortiz (Hosted By Big Mike)

Download Mixtape: Still A Wolf


Download Mixtape: The Howling Bootleg

Download Mixtape: Extinction (Last Of A Dying Breed)

Download Mixtape: Lock Down


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