Sheek Louch & DJ Green Lantern – Donnie Def Jam: Guerilla Warfare Vol. 1 (Mixtape)

Download: Donnie Def Jam: Guerilla Warfare Vol. 1

The new mixtape from Sheek Louch aka Donnie G…hold on, hold on I got Cocaine Trafficking on repeat right now.

[audio:|titles=Cocaine Traffic King feat Styles P. (Prod By Dj Green Lantern) ]

Download: Cocaine Traffic King feat Styles P. (Prod By Dj Green Lantern)

***Dances in cubicle***

Why does this dance i’m doing to this song look like i’m trying to make it rain outside?  Anyway, Sheek and Styles killed that Green Lantern beat, that track right there essentially embodies everything I have always loved about The L.O.X. or D-Block.  They have been my favorite group for years now and I can easily attribute my love of Hip Hop to The L.O.X.  However, not on no gay ass Brown Sugar I love Hip Hop type shit, but on that grimy, street shit…I don’t know that shit just warms my soul.  ***shrugs***  Most people would always expect me to listen to gospel music or something in that lane, and while I did grow up in the church and I appreciate all types of music I love that grimy, street shit the most.  ***shrus again***  To me there was no one better than the L.O.X. when it came to that shit, they legends in my book.  We Are Streets is a certified classic to me and one of my all time favorite albums, I always have found memories of when that album first dropped when I was in high school.  It’s funny because when I was in high school I was kind of a part of my own 3 man team, except we weren’t nearly as gangster and we didn’t rap.  We were pretty cool though, one of the comparisons we always used to get was to The L.O.X. too.  I was a bit more quiet and introverted back then, but still pretty cool so I drew comparisons to Sheek.  My two other best friends AT THE TIME who were a bit more outspoken and brash drew the Jada and Styles comparisons.  Really that was fine by me, because Sheek has always been my favorite member of The L.O.X.  Even as Styles has become at least in my mind the best overall member.  I think any true fan of The L.O.X. would agree though, they are at their best as a group.  WHICH IS WHY I NEED THAT NEW L.O.X. ALBUM NOW!!!  Unlike most other groups or 3 man teams I think they always understood that and that is always something I respected.  It’s one of the many reasons why they remain my favorite group also consisting of some of my favorite artists.  I mean they would never let women and other bullshit break them up…especially when the one that kept getting accused of trying to bang the other member’s girlfriends wasn’t even trying to bang them in the first…and also wasn’t even nearly as cool back then.  Then, they definitely wouldn’t try to talk to that same member like everything was all cool like they were all still best friends afterwards and then be all surprised shit when the other dude is all pissed off.  NIGGA WE AIN’T FRIENDS BECAUSE OF YOUR ACTIONS!!!  OLE JOHN C. REILLY IN TALLEDEGA NIGHTS AS NIGGAS!!!  Excuse me, that’s only what I can assume would happen.

Anyway, I always liked Sheek because of his off the cuff style and lyrics, I can always count on Sheek for some of the most crazy shit…like me.  At one point I used to be able to recite lyrics from just about any rapper for any situation…no seriously…BUT YOU WOULDN’T KNOW THAT.  Most of those lyrics usually came from The L.O.X. and specifically Sheek.  Years of partying and movies have washed that gift away…I can do something similar with movies these days though, but that fact remains Sheek got bars and I know a lot about music you just might not know it.  At least for Sheek he looks like he can rap though.  Nonetheless, some would think Sheek is the weakest link because they don’t hear him on as many features as Styles and Jada or on every freestyle with them, the new So Appalled Freestyle comes to mind.

[audio:|titles=So Apalled Freestyle]

Download: So Apalled Freestyle

I always just assumed he was too busy to get on those tracks or off in his world…kinda like me.  He even kinda says as much on How I Love You off his first solo album Walk Witt Me. Which is about just as good any of the solo albums from Jada and Styles.  One of the reasons I think Styles is the best overall member of The L.O.X. is because he has the best catalog of albums and mixtapes in case you were wondering.

[audio:|titles=How I Love You]

Download: How I Love You

I still would love to hear him on those tracks with Jada and Styles, though, because he always holds his own and they bring out the best in each other.  Plus that way people that aren’t really true L.O.X. fans and don’t really listen to mixtapes would know that Sheek definitely isn’t just that 3rd nigga, that weak nigga like he said on Fabolous’ Loso’s Way Rise To Power.

[audio:|titles=The Hitmen]

Download: The Hitmen

Anyone that listened to a lot of his old mixtapes or those old Big Mike tapes where D-Block was a staple on them shits would know that.  Did I mention Big Mike follows me on twitter???  Shit, can’t a dude get excited every once in awhile.  Hopefully, this new mixtape or them old shits below help awake some of the people that have been sleeping on my favorite member of The L.O.X. for far too long.  If you are still sleeping on me as well I just thought that should know that I was Best Dressed Runner Up in high school…YEAH.  ***nods*** Nigga don’t no one care, you can’t dress now and you got no swag so you are not cool and you know nothing about music.  WAIT DID YOU JUST SAY SWAG!!!???  SHUT THE FUCK UP AND PUT THAT SHEEK SHIT ON!!! D-BLOCKKKKKKK!!!

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