Kilogram – Left 4 Dead (Mixtape) (Hosted by Jay-Ski)

The new mixtape from “Central” New Jersey or Trenton representative Kilogram. I’m not really sure if I would call Trenton Central Jersey, but I guess it’s not South Jersey and it’s definitely not North Jersey. In case you didn’t know North Jersey and South Jersey might as well be two different states. Nonetheless, I try to help any artists from New Jersey even if they’re from North Jersey, but especially if they’re from South Jersey. We must unite with my friend Mr. Jesus, AND TOGETHER TAKE THIS SHIT OVER!!! Probably not, but at least we can show people there are some talented artists from New Jersey, like my friend Mr. Kilogram. Kilogram is just that and demonstrates that fact that he is one of Jersey’s best on another solid mixtape. Like I was telling Kilogram, the only thing I was really a little disappointed in was the fact there wasn’t more cutting and scratching from Jay-Ski on the mixtape like I had anticipated. I guess that’s my fault for making assumptions and you know what they always say about assumptions they are the mother of all fuck ups. I’m just always a fan of cutting and scratching especially when it is incorporated into the track in which the same way great producers like DJ Premier, Statik Selektah, and DJ Revolution use it. I do like when DJs use it as well, just as long as it’s not to excessive…shit I like cutting and scratching even pulling the track back more than drops…I know you worked on the mixtape muthafucka. Nonetheless, I know some people hate all that shit.

The only other thing that was a little weird is the tracklisting seem to be a bit discombobulated and i’m not sure if i’m the only one that noticed that shit or i’m just the only one that said something about that shit. I usually like to listen to whole albums or mixtapes as I have mentioned before in order to process the whole project as it would intended. As oppose to streaming it and skipping around or other shit like that. The one thing that stood out, while all of the songs are great, the flow seems to be a bit off going from song to song. This is one thing that some people overlook a lot, mixtapes or albums should flow from track to track and come together to create one cohesive project. You don’t want to have too many freestyles, slow, or hard tracks all bunched together and you also want to pay attention to how you transition from one type song to another. Sure enough after examining the tracklisting it looks like some type of datpiff fuckery happened, so i’m really interested to see how this sounds now that I fixed the tracklisting. It’s very possible that is already very good mixtape from Kilogram might sound even better…even if he’s from Central Jersey. Also make sure you check out some more of Kilogram’s shit here.  Tracklisting and link below for Kilogram’s Left 4 Dead.

 Download: Left 4 Dead (Mixtape) [Datpiff] | Doc Link

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  • Jay-Ski says:

    Respect! I appreciate it Doc…And yes, I fell back a little bit because I didn’t wanna get excessive on the cuts…which I have a habit of doing. But everybody support my man Kilogram, hardest working cat on his grind…

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