Crooked I (of Slaughterhouse) – Hip Hop Weekly (HHW) Reloaded x Hip Hop Weekly (Complete Series) (Mixtapes)

Even though Crooked I is one of my favorite artist I haven’t listened to any the reloaded version of his hip hop weekly, but as 2dopeboyz was kind enough to package all the weeks together in a nice neat little package.  I figured I should post that along with the original series.  I don’t think I really need any excuse to post any Slaughterhouse music anyway.  Crooked I, if I remember correctly was one of the first to do the whole weekly song thing, back when I was still ignorantly ignoring his music…smh.  Shout out to Philly’s own Nico The Beast, Freeway, 2ew Gunn Ciz, and most recently Smutty who have all done something similar.  Hopefully, i’ll post the rest of these Crooked I mixtapes after this nut ass radio station meeting, I really hate meetings.  If not definitely tomorrow, this is a whole new Doc…I think.

1. Mass Appeal
2. Bang Yo City
3. Light Up
4. If It Ain’t About Money
5. Talkin’ To Myself
6. Medicine
7. Blood On the Wall
8. Never Been
9. Paradise
10. Boardwalk Empire / Hello
11. Hard In The Paint (Feat. Joell Ortiz)
12. Hot Toddy
13. Black & Yellow
14. California Love 2011 (Feat. K-Young)
15. Kush (Feat. Horse Shoe Gang, Sauce the Boss & Coniyac)

Download Mixtape: Hip Hop Weekly: Reloaded

1. Straight To The Bank Freestyle
2. I’m Throwed Freestyle
3. Vibe Wit A Boss & Take You There Freestyle
4. 2nd Coming & Tuck Ya Ice Freestyle
5. Umbrella & We Takin’ Over Freestyle
6. Get It Shawty & Amusement Park Freestyle
7. Cruisin’ & Just The King Freestyle
8. Make Me Better Freestyle
9. Deep Cover Freestyle
10. You Know My Steez Freestyle
11. Boy Looka Here & Go Getta Remix Freestyle (Feat. Horse Shoe Gang)
12. Big Shit Poppin’ Freestyle
13. International Players Anthem Freestyle (Shoutouts)
14. Pop, Lock & Drop It Freestyle
15. Can’t Tell Me Nothing Freestyle
16. My Bitch Freestyle
17. Oh My God Freestyle
18. Uh Oh Freestyle
19. Died In Your Arms Freestyle
20. Real Muthaphuckin’ G’z Freestyle
21. Big Spender Freestyle
22. Blueprint 2 Freestyle (Jena 6 Dedication)
23. Doin’ Dat & Come On Baby Freestyle
24. I’ll Still Kill & Big Brother Freestyle
25. Imagine Freestyle
26. One Mic Freestyle
27. Kill Us All Freestyle
28. No Stoppin’ Carson Freestyle
29. Certified Freestyle (Free T.I. – Quit Snitchin’ Edition)
30. Xxplosive Freestyle
31. Dogg Pound For Life Freestyle
32. Leather So Soft Freestyle
33. Get Away Freestyle
34. I’m A G Freestyle
35. Dynasty Intro Freestyle
36. Ten Crack Commandments Freestyle
37. Boyz N Da Hood Freestyle
38. Forgive Me Freestyle
39. All Eyez On Me Freestyle
40. They Know Freestyle
41. Best Rapper Alive Freestyle
42. Put You On The Game Freestyle
43. Takeover Freestyle
44. ‘Till I Collapse Freestyle
45. Ether Freestyle
46. Hit ‘Em Up Freestyle
47. Love Me No More Freestyle
48. Mary Jane Freestyle
49. That White Freestyle
50. Back Down Freestyle
51. Big Dreams Freestyle
52. Lollipop Freestyle
53. The Finale

Download Mixtape: Hip Hop Weekly (Complete Series)

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