Freeway – Beautiful Music (prod. Jake One) (Video) x No Brakes

[audio:|titles=Beautiful Music (prod. by Jake One)]

Download: Beautiful Music (prod. by Jake One)

Freeway is prepping the release of his forthcoming album, Diamond In The Rough and what better way to do so than to enlist the person that helped him craft the last one. Rhymesayers Ent. let Nah Right premiere the MP3 and OnSMASH drop the video at the same time. Early!

I have to say the nice thing about getting people their credit is I have to write less lol, but yeah Nah Right and OnSMASH are 2 really good sites I don’t fuck with them as much as some other but that may have to change.  When I do sometimes look at videos they are usually from OnSMASH though they stay with exclusive and a fancy video player.  I wouldn’t mind my own little fancy video player with like me passed out where the OnSMASH logo is…shit someone needs to make that happen!!!  Random thought, I always wonder if it’s redundant and/or necessary to put up a screaming version of the song when posting a video…just something I always wonder about.

Directed by Jimmy Giambrone, co-directed by SetFree.  I believe Jimmy is from Jersey so he’s ok in my book…if not, well then we are going to have some problems.  I have a bunch of Freeway mixtapes as he is like one of these hardest working rappers, but in an effort to not drive myself crazy and link every single post I write so I never get any work done.  Here is No Brakes for now which held me hostage this morning.

[audio:|titles=No Brakes]

Download: No Brakes

Mixtapes will be coming soon and Stimulus Package review probably never…and that’s not because I didn’t like the album, I fucking loved it…i’m listening to it now.  I even bought the fancy money green vinyl and I, of course, went to the album release party.  I’m just far too busy and i’m way more of a writer than blogger as evidenced by my limited posting and tempermental nature that completely sabotages my writing.  All bitch like shit aside, if you didn’t grab The Stimulus Package or even Jake One’s White Van Music you definitely should…like right the fuck now.  I almost forgot I love the artwork too.

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