Joey Jihad – Count That Money 1 x 1.5 (On My Way To Marz) (Mixtapes)


Update: So as often happens I post one thing or I start listening to one piece of music and then it reminds me of something else.  That’s often why once an artist puts something new out I bring back some of their old shit.  It’s my way of putting a little bit of myself into the site and rewarding hard working artist.  Even though i’m still currently waiting on Count That Money 2, I would throw Joey Jihad in that bunch and he also happens to be an artist that I like as well.  So as I started preparing to post some Meek shit I figured I should use this as a opportunity to post some Joey Jihad shit too.

Joey Jihad, was just many of the rappers that I happened to meet last year

As I mentioned before since I had completely abandoned the local scene since college some of the mixtapes of even the best Philly artist went unheard for years.  It’s actually kind of nice for the ones that are actually good…it’s like having sex again for the very first time again…except for the premature ejaculation.  Anyway, as was the case with Joey Jihad…no homo…uhhh let’s keep this moving along before it gets weird.  I liked the mixtape a lot after a couple listens, I had always heard a lot of good things about Joey Jihad so it was nice to finally see what all the fuss was about.  I’ll have to grab some of his older mixtapes when I get chance, but check out the new We Are The Streets mixtape with him and Meek here, it’s more or less a best of recent tracks.   It looks like Count That 2 is coming real soon.

1. Intro
2. 2 The Top Pt. 1 (Prod. by Ali-Mo)
3. Losing Control (Prod. by Kane)
4. Dope Boy Swagg (Prod. by Jumbo Beatz)
5. Hustle All Day Ft. Garci
6. Turn It Out (Prod. by Sapp)
7. Twin Towers Ft. Redi Roc (Prod. by Ali-Mo)
8. Pocket Fulla Mugga (Interlude)
9. Pocket Fulla Mugga (Prod. by Jumbo Beatz)
10. Stacks On Deck (Prod. by Jumbo Beatz)
11. Sick Swag
12. Make The Booth Shake (Prod. by Superstar O)
13. Midtro
14. 2 The Top Pt. 2 (Prod. by Ali-Mo)
15. Give Em Hell Ft. Chaos (Prod. by B)
16. 5X2 (Prod. by Jumbo Beatz)
17. Zoom Ft. Amc
18. We Rock That Shit Ft. HH Spady
19. Out The Gun (Interlude)
20. Out The Gun (Prod. by Ali-Mo)
21. Turnt Up
22. 2 The Top Pt. 3 (Prod. by Ali-Mo)
23. Outro
24. Lambo (Prod. by Superstar O) (Bonus Track)

Download/Listen: Count That Money 1.5 (On My Way To Marz) | Doc Link

Download/Listen: Count That Money

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