SOBs Presents Styles P with special guests Tyler Woods, Donnie Goines, JtheS and Skyzoo (Updated Concert Recap)

Update: I didn’t want to write a full recap of the concert because I was absolutely exhausted and I have so many other things I want to get finished, but it looks like that kinda happened anyway.  I can’t help but to write down notes in my iPhone these days about the things I see and do, so here’s a couple thoughts from the concert.  I always say i’ll rest when i’m dead, but it’s probably not a good idea to drive to NY for a concert by myself after working a full time job and getting no sleep the night before.  After a 30 minute to hour nap in a rest stop as I was being serenaded by the sounds of Nipsey Hussle and one Red Bull later I finally made it back home though.  Yes, I fall asleep to gangster shit from time to time and I after listening to the Bullets Ain’t Got No Name series I now fucks with Nipsey…no homo, of course.  I usually roll to concerts dolo, because like I previously stated i’m terribly impatient and I hate working on anyone else’s schedule but my own.  However, I love bringing Wyatt with me if he’s in town, plus he loves The LOX as much as I do.  I don’t even blame some of these young dudes for their taste in music or the clothes they wear these days, I blame their fucking old heads.  We need to be schooling these young dudes, nothing made me happier recently then when Wyatt told me some dudes i’m not a big fan of sucked…it almost brought a tear to my eyes ***cries***.  I remember when we were kids I made fun of him everyday when he had a ponytail until he finally cut that shit off.  That shit needs to be nipped in the butt as soon as it rears it’s head, otherwise you have dudes wearing jeans tighter than girls.

Anyway, as far as the concert goes this is the 3rd time I have seen Styles…this year lol.  The first two shows are probably two of the best concerts I have ever seen, The Green Ghost Project Album Release Party and The Statik Selektah Album Release Party.  At the former I even got to see all of the LOX perform together.  Typically, I only really need to see people perform once, but since I was going to this concert in a different fashion than the other two and we are talking about one of my favorite rappers I had to say fuck that.  Of course, the show didn’t even start on time which gave me the sudden urge to throw the new PackFM album, which i have been forgetting about, I Hate Rappers into the rotation.  Luckily, the DJ was very good, didn’t catch his name though.  He played several songs I loved with the added bonus of playing the original song it was sampled from.  Very nice touch.  Really though there needs to be some type of standard for rap concerts, sometimes they start on time and sometimes they don’t.  I missed Fashawn perform in LA as a result of this, i’m thinking there needs to be email or text updates on when the fucking concert is starting.  After I got back home after almost killing myself on the turnpike I talked to my friend about how I always go to concerts by myself and he told me i’m never really alone because i’m always with the music…that was deep some deep as shit.  Also we talked about how you tend to meet people when you go to events or shows by yourself.  Actually I end up talking to random people all time so i’m probably the exception, I average several random ass conversations with random people a week…I don’t know I guess i’m just approachable.  Well except when i’m in my building, the old white people no longer think I work in the building but they are still afraid of me.  “Oh my god why is this colored kid talking to me.”  Right on cue I had a nice conversation with an intern from Duckdown who also produces.  Of course, I asked him when the fuck Mic Tyson was coming out, The Sean Price album that was supposed to come out in MARCH.  Unfortunately, for you Sean Price fans out there he didn’t know.  The other thing you find at concerts is bitc….excuse me women, i’m really trying not to call these bitches, bitches.  It has been brought to my attention by multiple people that I don’t know these bitches, I don’t know if these bitches are really bitches, and I wouldn’t call these bitches, bitches to they face.  So I really need to stop calling these bitches, bitches.  With that said we had some very large LADIES dancing to some reggae right before the start of the show.

First, up was Panama, the production on his stuff was nice.  He was decent, not the worst opening act i’ve seen and not exactly the best either.  He did say some powerful shit…his music just wasn’t as powerful at least live…nothing really stood out.  It sounds like he has some shit with the Source or something so i’ll give him a fair listen though.  Below is also a video I found today from him on  Oh yeah, for whatever reason the dude gave out watches to the SOBs people unfortunately for me I did not receive a watch.  Actually, on second thought I won’t be listening to his music, he didn’t even ask me if I wanted a watch.

Next, was J The S aka Jake The Snake.  I saw him before at the Statik Selektah Album Release Party if i remember correctly.  Real cool dude, real humble, plus he looks like my brother from another mother White Mike.  I talked to him for a little while the first time I saw him perform.  Off first listen I didn’t like his mixtape as much as I thought I would considering how much I enjoyed his set.  After checking him out again I think i’ll give it another listen.  Here’s two songs with Franco from his set which are also on his mixtape found below and his new video.

[audio:|titles=Can We (feat. Franco)]

Download: Can We (feat. Franco)

[audio:|titles=Put My Cape On (feat. Franco)]

Download: Put My Cape On (feat. Franco)

After J The S, was Donny Goines…I liked him a lot more this time than the past couple of times i’ve seen him.  I originally thought he was either the most passionate or angriest rapper I had ever seen.  Which didn’t exactly showcase his talent nearly as much as when he was a bit more composed this time.  Let that be a note to ALL RAPPERS, when you jump around and scream in the fucking mic you look like a fucking idiot.  Donny Goines is far from that type of rapper, but I just thought this would be a good opportunity for me to express how much I hate when rappers scream in the fucking mic and dance around the stage like fucking idiots.  PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP DOING THAT SHIT IMMEDIATELY!!! GO SEE OTHER RAPPERS WITH GOOD LIVE SETS IMMEDIATELY!!!  Thank you, sorry for yelling.  I had never heard the last song he performed, but I really liked it and after his set he told me it’s going to be on his new album.

Then, after Donny Goines was Skyzoo…i’m pretty sure our conversation after his set was about as awkward as they come…smh.  Sorry for embarrassing you, O…Skyzoo said what’s up…well he didn’t really say what’s up but I told him I would tell you he said what’s up…seriously what the fuck is wrong with me sometimes.  Anyway, Skyzoo’s set was as good as the other times i’ve seen him, I almost have his set memorized now lol.  He’s animated with good energy, but not overstated crazy animated if that makes any sense.  Hopefully, he’ll respond to my email and hopefully our next conversation isn’t nearly as awkward as that first one.  Here’s a new video that just dropped from him today too.

Last, but certainly not least the man we all came to see…Styles P.  I’ve been steadily building my confidence and and improving as some type of manager/A&R/writer/engineer hyrid.  Thanks in part to a lot of the great advice from Jodie and Ccelli.  At first I was just talking to local rappers that were really just happy to have someone tell them they liked their music. Recently, I have started working my way up to talking to bigger rappers and I have started doing that with moderate success…wth the exception of Skyzoo, i’ll take a mulligan on that shit thank you.  However, I neglected to realize there is another level…i’ll just call it the Styles P level for now.  I had hoped to talk to Styles P and my friend/artist/freestyle monster Rick Skope even thought we might get him back to the studio to listen to some music…the same night lol.  Umm yeah I might have had a chance to actually talk to him if I was back in the VIP, but I kinda consider myself a man of the people so I like hanging out with the people.  I think I might have to reconsider that because I hate waiting for concerts to start and I think being in VIP might add a bit of officialness to me.  Yes, I know that is not correct English ***still pops collar***.  If nothing else people would think who is this weird ass guy talking to me in VIP as oppose to just who is this weird ass guy talking to me.  It’s a slight upgrade.  So yeah around the time Styles came out with 30 or so dudes I pretty much realized there was no way I was going to be able to talk to him.  So as he was rolling through another great performance I had to start thinking fast, I couldn’t come all this way and not even talk to the man, I had to pull my skirt down and man the fuck up.  Getting back to the music for a second, Styles shows are as great as you would expect.  Classic songs and shit, pretty much everything you would expect from the man.  The one thing I didn’t expect was his actual freestyle skills and i’m not talking about written freestyles with your mans ad-libbing and shit.  I’m talking about freestyling off the dome, the first time I saw him I was blown away especially when you consider he’s been pretty fucked up every time i’ve seen him.  So anyway back to the story, I pretty much knew there was no way I was going to talk to him, but like Skyzoo I assumed he had a manager.  I assumed the ladies that were selling his book were part of that management and the other older, but still very beautiful lady that was talking to everyone was his manager.  So once she went over to the bar I swooped in and introduced myself and sure even know she was his manager, JACKPOT.  Team Cheating muthafucka.  So now that was done I could relax and enjoy the rest of the show.  I got to see a near fight due to excessive hand cuffing and also the talented Tyler Woods sing and play the piano.  Here’s two songs from his mixtape also found below.  It’s a good mixtape, just mixed way too low.

[audio:|titles=Who Gets Ya Love ft. Hos]

Download: Who Gets Ya Love ft. Hos


Download: Relations

So Styles closed out another great show and I got the fuck out of there.  Then, some how made it home through the grace of God 3 hours later.  Just another day in life of Doc Holliday I guess.  Oh yeah, I listened to the Invincible Soundtrack again on the ride there it’s definitely on some vintage Styles/LOX type shit with the exception of 2 tracks.  One of which I like, its just different.  The other…not so much, but if you are Styles/LOX fan I would definitely recommend it.

Tue-Jun 08
Doors 7:30pm, Show 9pm
Admission $18 in advance

I figured with the release of the new Styles P book and soundtrack along with the concert i’m going to tomorrow I would take a look at the some of the music from one of my favorite rappers from my favorite group.  The Ghost, SP, Pinero, The Phantom, The Hardest Out…no homo, whatever you want to call the D-Block/LOX representative you have to call him one of the best.  He consistently puts out some of the best music of any artist in the game especially if you love that hard shit, but there is also a deep side to The Ghost.  It’s one of the reason he is one of my favorite artists, he can go from songs like Kill That Faggot to My Brother.

[audio:|titles=Kill That Faggot]

Download: Kill That Faggot

[Disclaimer: I am in no way encouraging the killing of faggots or the killing of anyone, this shit just knocks I used to put this on before early morning engineering exams when I was trying to get focused.]

[audio:|titles=My Brother]

Download: My Brother

I have always been a big Sheek fan, but I would be hard pressed to say that Styles P isn’t the best all around member of the LOX.  He definitely has the catalog to back it up, shit this year alone he has dropped The Green Ghost Project with Green Lantern which I loved, The Ghost Dub-Dime mixtape, and now The Invincible Soundtrack.  However, I think any true LOX fan would agree we really need a new fucking LOX album.

[audio:|titles=Money Hunt Feat. Jadakiss]

Download: Money Hunt Feat. Jadakiss

[audio:|titles=Invincible Feat. Tyler Woods]

Download: Invincible Feat. Tyler Woods

[audio:|titles=Still Much Better]

Download: Still Much Better

[audio:|titles=Pretty Little Thing]

Download: Pretty Little Thing


Download: Shadows

Download Mixtape: The Ghost Dub-Dime Mixtape

Download Mixtape: Ghost Stories (The World According To P)

[audio:|titles=I-95 (featuring Tray Williams)]

Download: I-95 (featuring Tray Williams)

[audio:|titles=I’m Home]

Download: I’m Home

[audio:|titles=Leaving The Game]

Download: Leaving The Game

Download Mixtape: Ghost In The Shell

Download Mixtape: The Ghost In the Machine (Official Mixtape Album)

Download Mixtape: The Ghost That Sat By The Door

Download Mixtape: The Phantom

Download Mixtape: The Phantom Menace

Download Mixtape: Phantom Empire

Download Mixtape: Phantom Ghost Menace

Tyler Woods – The R&B Sensation The Mixtape (Produced by 9th Wonder)

Download Mixtape: The R&B Sensation The Mixtape

Donny Goines – 20X

Download Mixtape: 20X

J The S – Wish You Were Here

Download Mixtape: Wish You Were Here


Last but certainly not least is the Brooklyn native, Skyzoo, another one of my favorite artists these days and the owner of another one of my favorite albums from last year.  Usually, I like mixtapes more than albums, but Skyzoo’s Salvation is the exception.  I’ve seen him perform live a couple timess and I love his energy.  I’m anxiously waiting for the album with Torae.

[audio:|titles=The Opener (Produced By Cyrus Tha Great)]

Download: The Opener (Produced By Cyrus Tha Great)

Download Mixtape: Corner Store Classic (Hosted by Kay Slay and Mick Boogie)

Download Mixtape: The Power Of Words

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