Doc Holliday Spotlight: A Capone-N-Noreaga Story x Mixtapes

Update: I didn’t even know this was dropping until Benja was talking about it on the show and I didn’t even know the release date.  Honestly, I love that feeling.  FUCK RELEASE DATES FOR MIXTAPES!!!  This shit bangs so far and even though the L.O.X. track that’s also on the album didn’t live up to my ridiculous expectations I still like it…I was expecting Bleedin’ From The Mouth 2…I wanted some shit that would have me ready to walk in my co-workers’ cubicle and smack the shit out of them.  Nonetheless, it’s still a good track and i’m always happy to get them all on a track together.

[audio:|titles=Bodega Stories feat. The L.O.X.]

Download: Bodega Stories feat. The L.O.X.

[audio:|titles=My Attribute]

Download: My Attribute

Download Mixtape: Camouflage Summer

WAR REPORT 2 COMING JULY 13th!!! For those that are interested the album release party is the same night at SOBs too.

Doors 7:30pm Show 9:0pm, Admission $15.00 in ad/ $20 day of show (Included Free Copy of CD) (NICE!!!)


Unfortunately, the Duck Down 15yr Anniversary is that night too…hmm….decisions, decisions.

I’ve never really heard of Toshamakia but i’m very interested in meeting her.  On the other hand, after I stopped crying from excitement after Jodie told me Capone-N-Noreaga were going to be guest on the show sort of like that fruit who started crying after he stood in line to get Drake’s autograph.  I decided what better time to go back and visit the new CNN mixtape and really all of the music from one of my favorite groups.  Even though I initially didn’t say much about this mixtape when it first dropped I was pretty excited, I just didn’t feel like writing on a lazy Friday.  A couple of years back I started this trend of not listening to any new music until the mixtape or album dropped so it’s like i’m listening to the music for the first time like back in the old days.  So I had been patiently waiting for this mixtape and i’m glad to say it didn’t disappoint.  These days of musical overload that’s no easy task though and the due to the fickle nature of most fans a lot of artists feel that if they don’t put out music at break neck speeds they won’t stay relevant.  Which is partly true, unfortunately at least in the case of most fans.  I for one hate that shit along with basing success off of album sales, youtube or worldstar views, and fucking twitter followers.  As a result, the internet has become so oversatured with music and bullshit you get more quantity than quality, not to say there isn’t quality music.  There is still plently of that, but it can be hard to find when EVERYONE fucking raps these days and I mean EVERYONE.   I almost thought it would be cool if people started sending me music or started recognizing me like Phrillz or Benja, but then I quickly realized I wanted no part of that lol.

Anyway, getting back on topic I grew up with CNN, along with The LOX they are easily one my favorite groups.  They were a staple on the mixtapes I used to grab on the streets of Atlantic City.  I could pretty much count on any CNN freestyle being hot.  After doing some digging yesterday I even tracked down this old J-Love mixtape with some of my favorite freestyles and unreleased songs, most notably the Cheers freestyle.  I couldn’t find the Slime freestyle I was looking for, maybe Phrillz or Benja have it though.  Aside from their mixtapes they arguable have 2 classic albums together, and I really hate throwing around the classic title especially these days with all the fucking hyperbole.  However, I will say if you don’t have those first 2 CNN albums and/or like them I don’t think we can be friends and I really can’t respect your opinion…on anything not even just music.  I always liked The Reunion a bit more than The War Report just because of where I was in my life when it came out.  Nore’s N.O.R.E. is another great album and another arguably classic album, I always loved the skits, too, which still make me laugh even to this day.  Even though Nore would say Melvin Flynt was a half-assed album, I always liked it and loved Sometimes.


Download: Sometimes

I think any CNN fan would agree that CNN like The LOX are at there best as a group though.  Where is the new fucking LOX album too???  I might have to start a new segment called Where The Fuck.  Where I talk about Where The Fuck certain albums and rappers are at.  I will not be talking about Detox though that shit is dead to me until I hear a release date, but seriously where the fuck is the new LOX album and Mic Tyson too.  Anyway, i’m hoping like the new mixtape and single the new album will see CNN return to that grimy NY sound I loved so much.

[audio:|titles=Hood Pride f. Faith Evans]

Download: Hood Pride f. Faith Evans

1. Camouflage Skit
2. Camouflage Season For The World (Prod. By DJ Green Lantern)
3. Project Boy Remix (Joell Ortiz Feat. Capone-N-Noreaga)
4. CNN vs. CCC Feat. Rick Ross, Imam T.H.U.G., Triple C’s (Gunplay, Torch, Young Breed) & SHO (Prod. By Hazardis Soundz)
5. Slime (Vado Feat. Imam T.H.U.G. & Noreaga)
6. Exhibit CNN Feat. DJ EFN
7. Queensbridge Feat. Imam T.H.U.G. (Prod. By Tony Heathcliff)
8. The Streets Got A New Face
9. Check It Yo Yo Yo Feat. Imam T.H.U.G. (Prod. By Hazardis Soundz)
10. Headshot Feat. Imam T.H.U.G. (Prod. By DJ Green Lantern)
11. All In Feat. Imam T.H.U.G., Glacierz DaViLLe, SHO & Fahyed (Prod. By Hazardis Soundz)
12. Going In Freestyle
13. Head Off Feat. Imam T.H.U.G.
14. It’s Over (Armageddon Feat. Fat Joe, Noreaga & Doo Wop)
15. Kick It 2 ‘Em Man Feat. Tragedy Khadafi & Imam T.H.U.G. (Prod. By Vin Tha Chin)
16. 1st Degree Murder Feat. Glacierz DaViLLe & Fat Joe (Prod. By Hazardis Soundz)

[audio:|titles=Camouflage Season For The World]

Download: Camouflage Season For The World

[audio:|titles=Project Boy Remix Feat. Joell Ortiz & Capone-N-Noreaga]

Download: Project Boy Remix Feat. Joell Ortiz & Capone-N-Noreaga

[audio:|titles=Headshot Feat. Imam T.H.U.G]

Download: Headshot Feat. Imam T.H.U.G

Download Mixtape: Camouflage Season

Download Mixtape: West Coast Streets On Fire

[audio:|titles=Cheers (Unreleased)]

Download: Cheers (Unreleased)

[audio:|titles=Bleedin’ From The Mouth]

Download: Bleedin’ From The Mouth

Of course, I love any song with 2 of my favorite groups on it.  This is a cleaner, longer version off this old Jadakiss Cutmaster C mixtape I have.

Download Mixtape: Still Reporting

Download Mixtape: Cocaine on Steroids

[audio:|titles=Blood Money]

Download: Blood Money

[audio:|titles=T.O.N.Y (Top Of New York)]

Download: T.O.N.Y (Top Of New York)

[audio:|titles=Capone-N-Noreaga Live (Interlude)]

Download: Capone-N-Noreaga Live (Interlude)

[audio:|titles=Change Gonna Come]

Download: Change Gonna Come

One of the best intros to any album


Download: Queens


Download: Invincible

[audio:|titles=Wet Willie Skit]

Download: Wet Willie Skit

[audio:|titles=Queen Finest]

Download: Queen Finest

[audio:|titles=Banned From TV]

Download: Banned From TV

[audio:|titles=Animal Thug Interlude]

Download: Animal Thug Interlude

[audio:|titles=Da Story]

Download: Da Story

That bitch ain’t even got no panties on!!!

[audio:|titles=Body In The Trunk]

Download: Body In The Trunk

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