Jay Z, Dr. Dre, Fabolous, Precious, Ashanti, Drake and Nicki “Half Baked”

Holy Shit!!!!!!!

Jay Z and Dr. Dre in the studio!!!!!
If its on Detox, god knows when that song will come out.

Red Cafe and Fabolous premiered “I’m Ill” on 106 & Park today…..i think. I dont watch 106 & Park.

Game – R.E.D Album has no release date. HATE IT OR LOVE IT

Yes I have a blogtv page. Find me and add me as a friend.

Formspring is the devil.

New Single Sunday, Mixtape Monday and On The Come Up Fridays start tomorrow. Email OfficialStreetRadio@gmail.com if you wanna get on one of those days. Please write “New Single Sunday”, “Mixtape Monday” or “On The Come Up Friday” in the subject line so I know its for me.

Buying bootlegged cds and dvds #Dead

Precious is gonna host Saturday Night Live? Fat jokes are gonna fly.

If Kat Stacks starts talking about me, dont believe that shit!!!!
I did hear she was in a pie eating contest and defeat Big Oc Diesel

If yall didnt know, I was hanging out with Ashanti and her sister while her sister turned 21. Ashanti called me up and told me to come thru. The Shrimp was awesome.

I bet people are wondering why I havent said anything about Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush breaking up. Kim has been hanging out with me, we watched Step Brothers and Ghostbusters. We ate skittles too. She’s cool. She aint worried about him.

Why sign up for the XXL Freshmen 10 when you can hold out and get your own cover. Thats what Drake and Nicki Minaj did.

Cool Pics I Stole

Until Next Time
Marcus AG
*Beat Me If You Can, Survive If I Let You*
Shoutout to all my weed smokers…….Im watching Half Baked right now.

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