Janet Jackson’s Nipples

So after a brief hiatus, I’m back with a vengeance. I know everybody enjoyed their Thanksgiving. I know I did, we had a family food fight. It was all good until I hit my niece with a chicken bone. It was her fault for throwing something, she knew the consequences for her actions. No mercy!!! But anyway, Im sitting here recently watching MTV Jams and I see Rick Ross performing at Spring Break. Now that shouldn’t be an issue but it was because I was traumatized after seeing this……

I know. Insane. You know what else is insane? This…….

Here’s my problem (Let me make this clear. I”m not knocking their music……I don’t care for their music right now.)

My problem is that they have their breasts are exposed and no body complains but on a February night in 2004, a so-called  “nationwide crime” was committed when Janet Jackson’s nipple made a brief appearance during the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Now my question, I present to you guys…….Why is ok for Rick Ross and Fat Joe’s nips to be out in the open with no problem and Janet’s nip flies out and the censors lose their mind? I propose that all nipples should hang out unblurred for the whole world to see. No matter what…..Male or Female. I’ve never been so confused since the last time I saw a picture of Sammy Sosa

Next topic……..Pleasure P – Child Molester???

When I first read about this story I was shocked because it was so random. I didn’t care that much about him when he was with Pretty Ricky and his solo projects. I did hear he was nominated for 3 grammy awards. Im not going to get into detail until I get the full info but the accusations are serious as hell.

On to the next one……..Allen Iverson is back with the Sixers

If you havent heard Philadelphia fans have a huge smile on their face because the former star who carried the Sixers all the way to the finals (Who remember’s “Beat L.A.”?) has re-signed with the Sixers for the rest of the season. ‘m gonna be honest, I turned my back on the Sixers when Iverson left 3 years ago. I’m going to keep my eye on them but I’m not ready to just back on that bandwagon.

While we wait to see how the Sixers do this season with Number 3, let’s go back in time and listen to the Allen Iverson as a rapper named Jewelz in the classic “40 Bars”

More Philadelphia Talk – Freeway Speaks About Beans/Jay Z

Check Out His New Song “Love Is Battlefield”

Freeway’s Next Release “The Stimulus Package” is coming in February and I cant wait.

Shoutout to My Homie Kontak representing Vancouver

He’s working with alot of talent from Canada on his new project called “Illuminati”

Kontak presents "Illuminati"


Check him out and listen to a preview now. AG Music Group!!!!!!!

Where Are They Now????? Smilez and Southstar

Smilez and Southstar – hip hop duo based in Orlando, Florida. They had a Top 40 hit with the song “Tell Me” in late 2002.Their music has been played on stations nationwide and their videos have appeared on MTV and BET

Jam Of The Week

Because its been two weeks since I posted a blog, I’m going to drop two jams of the week this week.

Snoop Dogg ” I Wanna Rock”

Clipse feat Cam’ron “Popular Demand (Popeyes)”

Aight. Its 2am. I’m gonna finish catching up on “For The Love Of Ray J 2”

Maybe I’ll do another one tomorrow depends on what happens over night

Marcus aka Money Mark (according to DJ NoPhrillz lol. I like it)

AG *Beat Me If You Can, Survive If I Let You*

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