Define Hip Hop.

Happy Snowy Saturday folks!

So yeah something that has been on my mind lately; hip hop. Where has it gone? Where is it going? Recent songs like “Baby By Me” (50 Cent) arent even the worse of the pack. When did hip hop become a gimmick. New artists like Soulja Boy and the New Boyz all have gimmicks to make a quick buck. I think if i made a song about buttering a piece of toast, I’d probably sell mad records and be on top of the Billboard 100. Hip hop use to be about emotion and telling realistic stories followed by a bomb ass beat. I watch movies like Brown Sugar and it crazy how hip hop is not like it use to be. Come on 2009! It started out strong with the big leagues such as Kanye, Common and Jay-Z, but now all kids want to do is JERK. This is exactly why I refuse to listen to the radio. Everyone seems to jump on the bandwagon when someone’s one hit wonder is hot like Drake. His lyrical skills are on point and I’m not trying to take anything from him, but nobody know who he was before “Best I Ever Had”. Have yall even heard Comeback Season? Probably not. Hip hop has definitely changed and I hope someone discovers what real music is in 2010.

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dani j a y.

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